Best Way to Clean a Dirt Bike (Including the Carburetor)

After a long day out riding, there is always the daunting task of finding the best way to clean a dirt bike.

Trust me. In an ideal setup, every rider should keep their dirt bike clean. However, like most dirt bike riders, we tend to leave out dirt and grime to accumulate after long rides.

Now, after the long run, the best option for most dirt bike riders is to head to a car wash or use a pressure washer to get off the dirt.

This would look like the best option, but in many ways, it can do your dirt bike more harm than good. So for my post today, I will offer tips on the best way to clean a dirt bike.

You will notice that most dirt bike riders have been washing their bikes incorrectly. But I will also address how you can prevent damage to your dirt bike in the process.

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What Can I Use to Clean My Dirt Bike?

The best way to clean a dirt bike would not be possible without an arsenal of essentials that helps removes the grime. When cleaning your dirt bike at home, I find these items excellent recommendations to help get the job done.

Bike Stand

A bike stand is a product most dirt bike riders would ignore. However, these triangular stands and lift stands are essential to support your dirt bike in one place safely.

In my case, I am a fan of the Polisport foldable model. You can take it wherever you go since its lightweight.

You can get this dirt bike stand from Amazon by clicking here.


A mixture of soft and hard-bristled brushes would be useful to scrub off the accumulated mud and grime.

There are plenty of cheap and efficient tool kits that come with all varying shapes and designs of brushes.

I usually prefer using Anndason Cleaning brush tool. You can get it from Amazon by clicking here.

Sponges and Towels

Sponges and towels are among the most straightforward items on the best way to clean a dirt bike checklist.

You will need to get cotton sponges and towels since they won’t ruin your ride’s paint job.

Soap or Liquid Detergent

Pick soaps or cleansers meant for the surface of your dirt bike. The cleaning solution should also be safe and effective enough to use.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is the right choice if you want to cut the time taken to clean out the dried mud and grime.

I find the Greenworks GPW1501 as an excellent model of pressure washer for occasional bike cleaning sprays.

You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Rubber Plug

You would not like water to get into your exhaust and the dirt bike’s system.

The best way to clean a dirt bike would have you cover the exhaust with a rubber plug to avoid water collecting inside.

If you can, use duct tape around the opening in case you don’t have the standard cap.

Chain Lubricant

After a good dirt bike clean, the chain and other essential parts of the dirt bike may have lost their oils.

Applying a chain lubricant on these parts after washing and drying displaces the leftover water. It also extends the dirt bike’s components.

How Do I Keep My Dirt Bike Looking New?

There is always the possibility of coming across an excellent-looking dirt bike and wondering.

“How do I keep my dirt bike looking new?”. The simple fact is that owners of beautiful dirt bikes get intimate in the maintenance and cleaning process of their riders.

Here are some of the faults they avoid and the steps they take to get the dirt bikes looking new.

  • Avoiding detergents and soaps not made for car or motorcycle surfaces
  • Using protective bike polish on the frame and components
  • Applying degreasers as cleaning solutions for chains and chainrings
  • Applying wax sprays to protect the dirt bike’s metal components (The link here will direct you to Amazon)
  • Avoiding high-pressure water sprays

How Do You Clean a Dirt bike Carburetor?

The question of how do you clean a dirt bike carburetor is one I have received several times from readers and riders offline.

You will first have to acknowledge that the answers may vary since carburetors are available in different sizes and shapes.

However, since there are essential components across all models, the process of cleaning is almost identical.

Once you determine that your carburetor dirt is the problem, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Depending on your dirt bike, you will need to remove several components and parts. Get a service manual to guide you on how to remove the seat, air filter, and other elements.
  2. Clean the outside of the carburetor once it’s out of the dirt bike.
  3. Disassemble the carburetor and clean the inside using a carb cleaner and wire brush
  4. Use compressed air to clean the carburetor’s jets and blow out any remnants.
  5. Check the rubber O-rings and rubber connector hoses for possible damage
  6. Clean the carb bowls gaskets for any leaks and replace them if necessary
  7. Once everything is clean, put the carburetor and other components back together. Use the manual as a guideline to ensure you put everything back in its right place.

How Do I Clean Dirt Off My Dirt Bike?

  1. Place the bike on its side stand and hook up the hose to the pressure washer or spray nozzle
  2. Apply degreaser and chain lube to the respective areas (The link here will direct you to Amazon)
  3. Apply the cleaning solution with the pressure washer spray. Focus on the real dirt areas like in front of the engine, the bike’s underbelly, and the fenders. Use a brush, sponge or soft cloth to agitate the soiled fenders and panels
  4. Fire up your pressure cleaner to blast away the detergent solution and loose dirt. Start the rinsing from the top, working your way down the dirt bike. Also, ensure the pressure washer is on a softer fan spray and lower pressure.
  5. After the rinsing, grab the dirt bike’s bars and lean it over from side to side and repeat. Any trapped water drips free from the dirt bike components. Put the dirt bike back on the stand for any remaining water to drip
  6. Take a soft towel and soak up water droplets on the engine and bike components
  7. Apply cleaning agents to the hard-to-reach areas under the seat. That includes areas under the cylinder head, engine cases, and the radiator. Use the washer to clean off any remaining dirt on these parts. Be sure to ensure the delicate parts such as the airbox and battery don’t get hit with the high-pressure water.
  8. Make another shampoo solution and a soft cloth to clean the delicate removable components. Be careful not to interfere with switches or ECU when rinsing off.
  9. After the dirt bike is dry, apply WD40 as a multi-use lubricant on the working parts of the dirt bike. You can use it on the wheel rims, throttle linkages, and switchgear.
  10. Attach any remaining component you took from the bodywork.
  11. Grease up the lever pivots, bolts and other areas
  12. Apply a metal polish cream to the bare metal brackets to give them an excellent finish.
  13. Give the dirt bike a touch-up paint job in areas with small scratches on the bodywork.
  14. Use a microfiber cloth to give a final thorough wipe on your bike. Also, remove any small pieces of grit left on top of the bike.

Final step

It may seem like a daunting task, but the best way to clean a dirt bike makes a difference in riding experience and bike condition.

We hope that this walkthrough guide is comprehensive enough to be useful to all types of riders.

They are surefire tips that will help you recover your dirt bike to its factory version.

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