How Fast Does a 250cc Dirt Bike Go? (With 8 Examples)

If you happen to attend motocross races, then there is a chance that you may hear chatter on, “how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?”

Believe me. Riders are becoming curious about what the 250cc engine can offer in terms of speed.

Unfortunately, there are so many varying information out there answering how fast a 250cc dirt bike go.

This is the reason I have sort out the right information on the different speeds achievable in a 250cc dirt bike.

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So, how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go? The average max speed of a 250cc dirt bike is 70-78 mph after testing of the different models available. But these average speed varies with other 250cc dirt bikes able to achieve over 80mph. In normal circumstances, the stock 250cc dirt bike cannot reach 100mph with a limit set relevant to the street rider. As such, you will find that many brands limit their 250cc dirt bikes to around 80 mph.

However, before fully exploring “how fast does a 250cc dirt go?” you may want to consider the engine.

By now, you are well aware that dirt bike engines are in two different varieties: the two and four-stroke engines.

The difference in these engines is in the way they are features, functions, and the specialties they provide.


How Fast Does a 250cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

A 250cc 2-stroke dirt bike is a much simpler engine version out of the two options. Ultimately, this will have makes the impact on power and speed quite dominant in the 2-stroke dirt bike. Their engine actions also call for

For this reason, the following section separately details how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go in regards to this engine class.

KTM 250 XC

The max speed for a KTM 250 XC is 85 mph.

The KTM 250 XC model offers the best of both worlds when it comes to answering how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go.

From the outlook, this is true since the dirt bike is an off-road/ enduro model with an impressive engine to suit. Even the ‘XC’ is an initial that reads cross country

You will find out it runs on a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine to power up the dirt bike.

As for the engine, it comes with an electric and kickstart option to offer options for different situations.

The age-old question also rests on how much speed and power the KTM Model offers. In this case, the brand has made its engine with a top speed rate of 85 mph. However, this will vary depending on if it’s a moto, off-road, desert, or adventure ride.

In addition to this, the 250cc engine also does not compromise when it comes to power. For instance, a torque measure of

KTM 250 SX

The top speed for a KTM 250 SX is 81 mph.

Another perfect combination of power and control exists in the KTM 250 SX.

On paper, the brand has made this 250cc dirt bike a challenger by all accounts when it comes to answering how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go.

As a proven enduro race weapon, the KTM 250 SX features a 2-stroke sound engine that offers high-performance.

By high performance, I refer to the KTM 250 SX’s engine that is undoubtedly a powerhouse with excellent speed.

Proof of this lies in the proven engine model available. It packs a mean speed of 81 mph, which is above the average you will come across.

I also got to run tests on the 250 SX to determine the amount of output it got.

From my result, I would conclude that this 250cc dirt bike can comfortably produce 39 hp at 13,210 rpm.

That is aside from my other torque recording of 19 pound-feet of torque at 8,900 rpm.

Husqvarna TE 250i

The top speed for Husqvarna TE 250i is 75 mph.

The Husqvarna TE 250i is not a familiar 250cc dirt bike you see getting recognition.

However, contrary to opinion, I believe the TE 250i is a particular case for suiting the speed diehards. Why is this?

Well, for starters, its speed rank is a bit average, with 75 mph as the best time on the scale.

However, the model makes up for this with impressive horsepower and torque from its powerhouse engine.

From the Dyno test, the Husqvarna TE 250i can produce around 41 hp at a rate of 8,230 rpm.

The impressive numbers also go-ahead to include a torque rate of 27 pound-feet of torque at 7,580 rpm.

You also have to couple this with the fact that it’s pretty much lightweight to ride.

A dry weight of 105.2 kg gives it apparent clearance as a dirt bike with the lightest arrangements.

In regards to speed, this should not worry you as the engine arrangement ensure further improvements in the geometry to provide balance.

Yamaha YZ250

The max speed for Yamaha YZ250 is 75 mph.

The Yamaha brand is a long-time staple of the dirt bike world, providing fantastic 2-stroke models.

In this case, the YZ250 offers an excellent example of years of improvement on the speed, torque, and horsepower.

For the existing YZ250 Models, Yamaha now makes them with an air-cooled two-stroke engine.

The engine is also able to produce a displacement of 249cc thanks to the compatible bore and stroke design.

Yamaha also lists the engine as a single-cylinder design with a 5-speed transmission for easy gearing on different terrain.

Alongside the impressive engine specs also lies its powerhouse capabilities.

In this, Yamaha having a more extended stroke engine, which would significantly improve the torque even at lower rpm.

As a result, it can now produce a peak high of 48 hp with 8,8000 rpm and a 30 foot-pounds force of torque at 7,500 rpm.

You should count this to include a 9,000 rpm.

But despite the impressive torque, the speed for the Yamaha YZ250 remains pretty decent.

The 75 mph rate is considerable speed, which may need only a few tweaks to improve and make the dirt bike quite competitive.

How Fast Does a 250cc 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

There is also a significant number of dirt bike enthusiasts looking to upgrade to a 4-stroke 250cc ride.

This would only have me search online for 4-stroke dirt bikes with the significant speeds in the 250cc dirt bike category.

Suzuki RM-Z250

The top speed for Suzuki RMZ250 is 85 mph.

Suzuki also has a model that can answer you on, “How fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?”.

The RM Z250 is the manufacturer’s representation of a dirt bike with speed, power, and manageability.

I say this due to the number of engine improvements that have made this Suzuki predominant.

For starters, its 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is enough to produce a 249cc displacement rating.

Plus, the 5-speed transmission this Suzuki can maneuver to a speed of up to 85 mph.

That is perhaps the highest I have come across for the 4-stroke engine design.

Alongside the peak speed, the output is also an excellent power output results.

In this case, Suzuki documents that a peak output of the Z250 stands at 36.19 hp at a rate of 11,380 rpm.

The torque power is further quite impressive if you count 18,60 pound-feet of torque at 9,030 rpm to be enough.

Yamaha WR250R

The top speed for Yamaha WR250R is 85 mph.

I also got to test out the Yamaha WR250R in my bid to answer how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go.

Judging from my experience and test results, I did come across impressive aspects.

Necessarily, not all of them may have an emphasis on the speed, but they overall add up to what gear diehards will love.

One of these aspects is the engine. At a 250cc displacement, the Yamaha model is still able to beef up the output of 33hp in regards to power.

That is besides a torque measure of 22ft. Lb that allows the rider a more extensive rev range.

As a commuter, you can also count on the Yamaha WR250R to get you where you want quick.

The brand model hits a peak speed of 85 mph, which is sufficient enough for all road shenanigans.

In other circles, this impressive speed makes it double up as an off-road and on-road dirt bike option.

Yamaha WR250F

The max speed for Yamaha WR250F is 80 mph.

Likewise, you can not mention how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go without involving a Yamaha.

Fortunately, the entrance, in this case, is the 4-stroke 2500cc Blue Yamaha WR250F.

On the spec sheet also you are set to meet a 6-speed transmission that provides a wide-ratio with constant mesh for the fuel injection.

And talking of fuel injection, this Yamaha also runs on a liquid-cooled system to counter any heat.

That would come in handy, especially considering the high speeds achievable.

You will find it’s possible to hit a top speed of 80 mph on a stock Yamaha WR250F.

Alongside the rate, Yamaha also has this 4-stroke dirt bike producing 13.86 ft-lbs of torque at 10,000 rpm.

Both these outputs are enough to showcase the dedication to speed and power that the dirt bike offers.

Yamaha YZ250F

The fastest this Yamaha YZ250F dirt bike can go is 75 mph

Another Yamaha that makes the home run in practically every aspect, including speed, is the YZ250F.

From the onset, the brand set out to have this dirt bike as a recommendation for a speedster, always asking how fast does a 250cc dirt bike.

For beginners, it is going to be hard beating the Yamaha at speeding. Its single-cylinder 4-stroke engine is enough to produce 33 hp from the motor.

That is, however, only the stock option since other tests showcase that the power can climb to 37 hp.

Part of the specification results also indicates that the 250cc dirt bike works on a 5-speed transmission for gear shifting during riding.

On the matter of the torque, Yamaha also puts some game-changing capabilities.

A test runs on the Dyno meter showcases an impressive 18.53 pound-feet of torque at 8,440 rpm.

In my opinion, it’s the remarkable peak output of 37.45 hp at 12, 390 rpm that also adds a bit of flair to the power.


It’s pretty straightforward that speed is not a prominent consideration when choosing a 250cc dirt bike.

However, you can tell that there are models that have an emphasis on speed judging by their specifications and features.

As such, you are now able for that significant purchase. Best of all, you can do this without the need to look at other sources of reviews or testimonials.

You are sure that these few select rides in our piece are the best recommendation when asking how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go.

So, go on and check them out and let me know what I miss in the comments.

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