How to Change Dirt Bike Grip ?

Grips are vital in any dirt bike as worn-out handles can cause problems when riding.

They come in different options and styles like half-waffle, waffle, or diamond grips.

Moreover, you can get either double/triple-compound or single density grips.

Basically, the handlebars are installed the same way.

Learning how to change a bike grip enhances maintenance.

A new grip improves your riding performance and stability.

Your braking is firmer, and you enjoy better control.


When Should You Replace Your Grips?

Inspect the tread on your handlebars for wear and tear signs. If you see signs of wear, it means that it’s time to replace the handlebars.

Consequently, if your grips start to sag or bend, you need to be careful.

The wear can create unnatural grip leading to slips or falls.

As a rider, you will know when it’s time to replace the handlebars after continuous use because you will feel something is wrong with the handles.

You know there is a problem the moment your hands start to slip when riding.

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How to Remove Your Old Dirt Bike Grips

The fastest way to remove the handle is by using a razor cutter to slice through the rubber.

Some people call it a utility knife or Stanley knife or a box cutter, it’s the same tool.

Be careful as rubber is not easy to cut, and putting too much pressure can carve gouges in the aluminum handlebars. Put some WD-40 or oil on that blade to give you a smoother cut.

Slice along the length to make it easy to rip the rubber open and strip it by pulling it down out of the handlebars.

In case your dirt bike grip is wired, snip the wire at its base before cutting and removing the rubber.

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How to Prep the Dirt Bike for New Grips

After removing the old grips, clean the bars by removing previous glue left on the metal.

Use a scouring pad to remove excess glue and a wire brush for hard pieces sticking on the handlebar.

You can file the end of your handlebar where necessary to create less sharp edges to the metal. Don’t start installing the grips until the metal edges are smooth.

Otherwise, you will end up with a metal burr slicing through the new grips when putting them in place.

How to Change Dirt Bike Grip

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  • After filing and cleaning the bars, spray grip glue. The glue prevents the grips from coming off when you are riding.
  • Use hairdryers or a strong form of heat on the grips before installing them on the bars. However, don’t place the heat source directly or too close to the rubber to avoid burning it.
    After warming up your rubber grips, manipulate it on the bars until you have a better handle.
  • Put a small amount of glue on the ends of the bars and on the inside. Slide your grips on the metal and ensure the tread is facing upward. Grips come in two sizes. Use the larger one for your throttle bar.
  • Wipe off excess glue after applying the grips. Let the newly installed equipment sit for 8 hours before you can ride. You can use safety wire to get a more secure grip on the handlebar. Wrap the wire tightly while twisting it to lock the grip in place.
    Some grips come with a special groove for ensuring you have a firm handle.
    Bend the wire away from your fingers and ensure you press it into the rubber to avoid ripping a hole in your gloves.
    Some riders add grip donut (this link will direct you to Amazon) to give them style and further protection.

Benefits of Strengthening the Dirt Bike Grip

As a rider, it’s important that you develop essential techniques that will make your riding more fulfilling and safer.

It’s better to have a better and firm grip as it makes maneuvering easy without slipping and falling.

Firm grips increase performance and improve your riding ability. In fact, a firm grip makes riding comfortable.

Significantly Reduces ARM Pump

Arm pump is the fatigue feeling you get on your forearms when having an intense riding session.

Arm pump lowers your reaction time, control, braking, stability, and clutching. Everyone experiences it at some point.

To improve your arm pump, you need to ensure you have a firm grip that makes control, braking, clutching, etc., easier.

Maintains Better Control

Without a firm grip, you are always a turn away from losing control or getting pitched.

Losing control of your dirt bike eve in a second can result in a serious fall accident.

Replacing your old grip certainly improves your control and braking strength.

As a Rider, always strive to have better control of the bike irrespective of the weather.

Improves Overall Stability

As much a posture is vital when maintaining balance or stability on the dirt bike, you need to avoid breaking position.

Riding for long hours can make you break position and lose your stability. Your grip strength plays a huge part in ensuring you remain stable on the dirt bike.

Ensure your hands and legs are not rocking all over as it can sacrifice an otherwise solid run.

Are there easy exercises I can do to improve my grip?

There are plenty of exercises that help improve your grip. Aim to have a better grip strength as it boosts your rider fitness, and you can ride for long hours without feeling tired.

Rider fitness routine includes grip strength. The exercises aim to increase endurance and strength of your forearms.

Wrist Rollers

Take small 5-10lbs weights and tie them to a 4ft length rope. Roll the rope onto the dowel to lift the weight towards the dowel.

Do it until you can’t roll the weight any further then begin unrolling the rope to let the weight drop back steadily to the floor.

Endurance is essential. Do 10 reps of rolling and unrolling.

Calf Raises

Remember, the calf muscles do most of the work in maintaining your grip. Focus your conditioning on making your calf stronger.

The classic calf raise is the ideal exercise for strengthening your calves.

Stand with feet-hip far apart while keeping your legs straight. Press up with your foot balls while thrusting your body upwards to allow your heels to rise off the ground.

Ensure you pull your abominable muscles in to stop your body from shifting too much. Stay straight while doing the exercise.


Dirt bike grips come in different types. Once you have the right grip follow the step above to install it properly.

Observe the safety precautions and follow the instructions to ensure you have the firm grip you want.

A strong handlebar gives you control and better braking or clutching. A proper installation gives you stability and makes riding experience worthwhile.

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