How to Change a Dirt Bike Tube : Detailed Guide

There are a number of ways to change your dirt bike tube. It’s quite easy to change your tube but all depends with tools and method.

There are good techniques, tools, and process that makes this easy. Before you begin the process is always important to observe certain rules.

Do not force your tire to come out of the rim. The rim plays an important role in the removal and installation of the tire.

Watch the tire bead as it should lie in the center.

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A secret to making the process easy is dealing with a warm tire. You can deal with a tire immediately after riding.

Warm rubber is quite flexible at the bead section and will not easily tear. Don’t worry about tire stretching as metal bead wire prevents this.

It’s always advisable to use lubrication. Although this is not common it makes the process much easier.

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The lubricant will help in tire and rim and make the process fast. Ensure you have the full set of tools to change your dirt bike tube.

Most common are tire irons although can purchase tire spoons and bead holder. The tools will be useful in every phase of the process.

The rim guards will help you remove the tire more flexible. Slide the rim guards round the rim and witness how easy it is.

The brake motor should be up. Use the rotor and hook the tire spoons. Ensure the brake rotor is facing up to avoid damaging.

Removing the tires. Remove the Schrader valve that is in the valve stem. Although the tube may be ripped or punctured its wise to do it.

The other alternative is letting out the air. Some tire has a valve stem nut. Remove it first.

The rim lock nut should be loosened wisely. Ensure the rim lock is free by pushing it.

Since you have the rotor up press down the tire firmly to break the tire bead. Do this in the opposite direction of the rim.

At this point, you can slowly remove the tire on the opposite side the rim lock faces. Take the spoon now.

Push the first spoon between the bead and rim lip up. The bead seat may be a tough process. Take the second spoon and hooks the tire.

Put pressure on the tire to avoid pulling the tire away from the rim. Push the rim on the opposite side so as the tire drops at the center of the rim. Move through the rim lock in all directions.

It will now be easy to remove the tube from the tire. Flip the wheel to the opposite side and remove the tire.

Using the spoons remove the tire out of the rim.

Installing the Dirt Bike Tube

Before you install the tube ensure your rim is in good condition. Inspect your rim and the rim lock.

It’s advisable to scrub and wash the rim to remove any chemicals present. A clean rim actually helps the tube last longer.

When changing the tube and tire check on the condition. Ensure you confirm the tire date of manufacture.

The last digits are the year of manufacture. Ensure you have the valve stem nut on the rim inside.

Although it looks wrong it actually is very crucial and efficient.

The valve stem is supported by the nut and it prevents the rubbing of the tube with the rim.

Lay the wheel down and start creating space on the rim using the spoon. If the process becomes difficult to use lubrication.

Push the valve stem in the valve hole.

Do this gently as you can easily hurt your fingers.

When you have successfully entered the valve stem into the hole lock it with the old nut. This is to help keep it from slipping back.

Inflate the tube but not too much. The purpose of inflating is to avoid the incidence of spoon pinching the tube.

Do not inflate too much as you may find it difficult to insert the tire into the rim. Slowly push the tube into the tire. Avoid twisting it.

Finish the Tire Installation

To finish the process ensure it is done away from the rim lock and valve stem.

To install your bead holder give it up to 6 inches space from the target destination.

Start prying the tire into the rim using the spoons and ensure the lip is down.

Do this using the lube and only take small bites. As you are at the finish point you notice installation gets harder.

As you close in on the tube an overhang will appear.

Use two spoons to push down on the opposite side of the tire. This helps the tire fit into the rim center. Push the rim into the center.

Give the side a whack and push two spoons on the tire.

Do not hit the bead. In case you have a valve misaligned release air and try to reality the valve system.

Ensure you have seated the bead completely the tighten the rim lock. Apply some grease on the valve stem and the nut, tighten the nut outside and the cap.

Dirt bike tube needs special attention, especially when removing the tube. Do not force the tube out.

Ensure you do this showy as not to hurt your fingers. When removing the tube it’s important to use the necessary tools.

Not only are the tools safe but they help avoid tube damage.

The steps are shown above describes the best method of installing the new tube. Safety measures have been taken into consideration.

The tools will make your work much easier.

Lubrication is an important process even afterward as it helps reduce wear and tear.

Do not forget to confirm the date of the manufacture of the tube. This will guide you if you need to replace the tube and tire.

If you are using tire metals be careful not to pinch the tube during installation. Working with the spoons is more advisable.

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