How to Wheelie a 50cc Dirt Bike (A Detailed Guide)

If you know how to wheelie a 50cc dirt bike, then you should consider yourself an experienced motorcyclist. Besides being full of fun, this technique can get you out of very tricky and difficult riding situations.

Keep in mind that riding a dirt bike requires special skills and courage especially when traversing rugged terrains, getting over logs, or crossing streams.

Without good biking skills, you cannot make it through some of these challenging trails and paths while on your dirt bike.

Therefore, you need to learn how to do wheelies and other maneuvers to give yourself an edge over other motorbike adrenaline junkies.

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After all, it’s only a matter of balance and everything else falls in place.

What do you need in order to do wheelies? Inasmuch as it sounds a little bit technical, this skill is as simple as learning how to ride a motorbike.

All you need to do is lean or scoot back on your 50cc dirt bike to shift your weight to the rear wheel. This is followed by getting into gear in a bid to pop the throttle.

And when you are popping the throttle, you must do it very fast to avoid accidents. After popping the throttle, your dirt bike will send its front wheel flying upward much to your delight.

For you to maintain the wheelie a little longer, you should add throttle to raise the front wheel even higher.

If you want to bring the same wheel down, you can just reach out to the foot brake and tap it. That’s so simple, right?! Below are a few helpful tips that you can use to master the art of doing wheelies on your dirt bike.

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Helpful Tips on How to Wheelie a 50cc Dirt Bike

Before we get down to these tips, you must know the types of wheelies commonly used by many bikers today.

The first one is popularly known as the “Standing Wheelie” and it involves starting your bike from a stop as you progress to the top speed.

The second type is called the “Power Wheelie” and it requires you to start doing the wheelie when your dirt bike is already in motion.

Unlike the Standing Wheelie, the Power Wheelie allows you to maintain your dirt bike wheelies over a certain distance and for a while.

Here are the tips you need to get started with this interesting dirt bike riding technique:

1. Maintain a Firm Grip to Your Dirt Bike

To achieve desirable results, you must grip the bike firmly using your legs to maintain balance.

While gripping your dirt bike, ensure that you scoot back to transfer the weight on the rear wheel.

But you should be careful when scooting back while on your dirt bike.

This is one where many learners make mistakes and end up injuring themselves.

If you scoot too far back, you are more likely to fall and injure yourself.

To avoid such cases, you should take into account the rule of thumb which states that the back of your butt needs to hit the backside of the seat’s pad.

If you do it right you will enjoy your ride and avoid causing fatal accidents.

2. Keep Your Foot on the Rare Brake and your finger on the Clutch

Regardless of whether you are doing a Standing Wheelie or a Power Wheelie, you should keep your foot on the rare brake and one of your fingers on the clutch.

This will help you maintain the wheelie for a considerable amount of time.

If you think that you are going to flip your dirt bike, just tap the rear brake lightly to bring it back down.

Always apply this technique when you feel like your bike is about to flip and throw you off balance.

3. Select a Gear

The best and safest way to get started with this technique is to begin right from the top and then going straight into performing a wheelie.

For that reason, you need to choose the first gear to help you execute this type of motion on your dirt bike.

Once you engage the rear gear, the next step should be to rev up your dirt bike’s engine with the help of the throttle as well as the clutch to keep yourself steady.

Then let go of the clutch while maintaining throttle. Within a couple of seconds, the front wheel will be popped up.

However, you may pull back a little bit on the handlebars to keep your body and bike in balance.

4. Balance

Balance is of paramount importance when it comes to initiating and maintaining a wheelie on your dirt bike.

But you can achieve this feat as you ride along and with time you will find yourself keeping balance even without realizing it.

Most significantly, your body position, the correct amount of throttle and balance are some of the factors that will help you do a wheelie perfectly.

5. Practice Regularly

With more practice and persistence, you will find riding the wheelie enjoyable and effortless.

Therefore, you should find a flat stretch of land to hone your skills before taking your ride to the next level.

More hours of practicing leads to perfecting everything that involves riding your 50cc dirt bike.

These include doing wheelies and dangerous maneuvers that you may apply when you are on a real trail.

The Best 50 cc Dirt Bikes to Wheelie

If you are an experienced motorcyclist, you need to know that you can wheelie any bike you come across.

But a few are inherently better and well designed for the task than others. Here is an example of top 3 50cc dirt bikes that are designed for wheeling:

Burromax TT-40 Mini Dirt Bike

If you are looking for a simple dirt bike to ride and showcase your wheelieing skills, look no further than Burromax TT-40 Mini Dirt Bike.

This two-wheeler boasts of a fair amount of power as well as the best seating that can accommodate riders of all sizes.

Featuring a 4-stroke engine, a 21-inch seat height and a top speed of up to 22 mph, this 125 pound dirt bike is ideal for those learning how to wheelie for the first time.

In addition, the bike is affordable, easy to maintain and doesn’t require to be assembled.

Superrio 49-cc 2-Stroke Mini Dirt Bike

The Superrio 49-cc 2-Stroke Mini Dirt Bike comes with great features to make your riding exciting.

Moreover, the bike is built to withstand rugged terrain and traverse the most challenging trails you can think.

With a weight limit of about 130 pounds, this mini dirt bike can reach a top speed of 20mp, making it the safest bike for beginners.

Also, you can use it to improve your wheelieing techniques while enjoying every ride.

SYX MOTO Hole-Shot 2 Stroke 50cc Dirt Bike

Here is another awesome dirt bike that you will find suitable for wheelieing.

The SYX MOTO Hole-Shot 2-Stroke 50cc Dirt Bike is a great option for you if are looking forward to challenging your skills in motorbike riding.

At a top speed of 30mph, this dirt bike becomes easier to learn how to wheelie especially on flat terrain.

It features a 2-stroke engine, 50cc capacity and a seat height of about 23 inches.

On top of that, it weighs almost 160 pounds, making it suitable for kids and young adults.

Final Thought

Doing a wheelie requires courage, skills and the right choice of a dirt bike.

This technique is helpful, especially when riding your bike off-road.

This means you can enjoy wheelieing on dirt bikes as well as applying this skill where necessary.

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