Best Dirt Bike Straps (My Top Selections)

There will always come an occasion where you will want to transport your dirt bike for anyone who owns one.

You will be forced to load it to a truck bed, trailer or pick up for transportation.

This is where dirt bike tie down straps come to be in use.

They are used to securely fasten your dirt bike on the transportation vehicle to prevent shifting while in transit.

Dirt bike straps come in various types depending on the material they are made of or the manner in which they are tied down on the bike.

Most of the types are made of nylon and polyester.

Tie down straps vary in their length, thickness and strength. There many options to choose from when it comes to dirt bike tie down straps.

There are soft straps, ratchet straps, locking straps and cam straps.

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The quality of this tie down straps according to their make and the manufacturer. Here is a list of the best dirt bike straps in the market today;


RHINO USA – Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

From just the thought of how powerful the animal rhino is, you can easily guess that this bike straps are as powerful as the name suggests.

That have a break strength of 5208 pounds which tells you that this is a heavy duty tie down kit.

It is rear to find such a heavy duty ratchet strap so it best if you go for this one.


The straps are 8 inches long and 1.6 inches wide. The working load limit is 1,736 pounds.

It is made of poly and silk webbing making it a tough and yet soft product.

It has an end fitting of a s-hook with keeper to provide maximum security when transporting your bike.

Padded handles and a double diamond stitching provides it with a superior break strength of 5208 pounds.


The originality of this product is USA which is well known for production of high quality motorcycle accessories making it have a higher hand in the sector.

The design of the ratchet is elegantly done with a coated steel make making it properly protected.

The polyblend webbing gives the straps excellent durability. Thanks to the various colors the products comes in you. Click this link to head over to Amazon where you can choose your favorite.

Lockdown Motorcycle Ratchet Straps

This product is available in blue which makes it very appealing at first sight.

Apart from that its strength is one amazing characteristic making it the perfect product to haul your bike for a long distance.


It measures 15 feet in length making it more convenient for taller bikes.

It has a break strength of 3372 pounds maximum making it heavy duty. The straps end with a j- hook instead of the mostly known s-hook.

The thickness of the strap is 0.0075 inches and a width of 1.0075 inches which are convincingly enough dimensions for a bike.

This straps have a larger stitch as compared to the common small x cross which provides more security.

What are the pros and cons of this product?


  • Unique straps with double j-hooks.
  • A length of 15 feet convenient enough for larger bikes.
  • Package comes with soft loops.
  • Straps are thick and wide.


A plastic ratchet make which is not durable as the other metal counterparts.

GOSSIP Best Soft Tie Down Straps

Features and Quality

The strap is 15-foot long. this is long enough to and convenient for large bikes.

With a break strength of 2059 pounds which is good enough for average bikes. A third of the break strength is its working load limit.

It has full bent closed s hooks which are vinyl coated and soft loops thus you can tie down the bike comfortably without worrying if it will scratch the paint finish of your bike.

This product is 100% polyester. Polyester is durable and offers protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

The elegantly designed rubber handle makes it very comfortable to handle the straps and adds a point to its durability.

The best part is that it comes with a release lever which aids to clamp down your bike easily. Thanks to the release lever it can be easily untied too.

The straps have a spring loaded release mechanism which ensures that the ratchet does not easily open.

This is a unique feature and it can be quite confusing if you are new to operating with ratchets.

For easy storage, there is a carry bag provided which is surprising enough considering how affordable the straps are.

It is made available at amazon where you can clicking here.

Vault Cargo Management – Premium Motorcycle Ratchet Straps

The Vault Cargo Management provides this amazing straps which are portable for your light weight bike.

This is due to the fact that it has a loading capacity of 500 pounds and a break strength of 1500 pounds for each strap.


It has a sophisticated ratchet mechanism that is way better than cambuckle straps.

This mechanism makes it very easy to manage while tightening the straps to decrease the tension or increase it.

The stitch present increases the toughness of the hold ensuring your bike is intact and well secured.

A carry bag is provided for the straps with their hooks making it effortless to travel with.

The straps come with rubberized S hooks which make it easy to haul your bike without accidentally scratching it.

The only downside it has is that the S hooks are elongated which can be a bit unsecure when riding on rocky terrains.

The hooks might come off resulting to a damaged bike.

Otherwise, the overall build quality of the traps is very good and worth your money.

You can check out this dirt bike strap on Amazon by clicking here.


This provides you with four soft loop straps and ratchet straps which aid in safely moving your bike so t you can drive safely with much confidence.

An as described they are heavy duty.


Each strap provide has a break strength of 2500 ponds and a working load limit of 1250 pounds which is a great deal for mass tie down and clamping down large bikes.

This keeps your bike safe giving you no reason to worry while driving.

It has rubberized hooks and handles which keep your hands and your motorcycle protected from any bruises and scratches.

Sunferno straps have closed hooks unlike other opened hooks which keeps the webbing from slipping off the hook when driving.

The webbing id strongly made of material that protects from UV rays and strong elegant sewing patterns.


Upon purchasing this straps, you are provided with a free instructional guide for proper using of the product.

There is also an addition of a carry bag for easy packaging.

The manufacturer also assures of money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

There is no reason why you should not jump into this great deal.


  • Hooks made of rubber and padded handles for comfort and protection from bruises
  • A guide book and carry bag provided
  • Closed s hooks for to prevent carrier from falling off.
  • Webbing which is UV resistant.


  • Installing can be difficult for first time users but thanks to the provided guide.

There are also many customer reviews for this product which is an assurance that you are purchasing the right product.

You can check out this dirt bike strap on Amazon by clicking here.

Pro Taper Tie Downs – Heavy Duty Tie Down Straps

This is cam buckle instead of the usual ratchet tie downs. Cam buckle straps fairly great in anchoring bikes even though they are not as good in tension adjustment like the ratchet ones.


  • One pair of Pro Taper tie down will secure your bike onto a trailer. The strap is impressively long and thick measuring 84 inches and 1.5 inches respectively. It is the perfect strap if you have a long bike.
  • The product has a nylon webbing. Nylon is a great deal of webbing and it gives the straps protection and it much cheaper than polyester which is used on most tie down straps.
  • It has a tension strength of 1200 pounds making it suitable for heavy duty loads.
  • In addition, this strap has a soft handlebar. It will neither scratch you or your bike like others made of metal which is an added advantage.

You should definitely give this bike strap a try. (This link will direct you to Amazon)

Unlike other bike straps it is nylon webbed and a non-slip cam buckle. Along with many other customers I am impressed with this bike strap.

DC Cargo Mall

This are 2 heavy duty straps which are much convenient for clamping down bikes. They are versatile since they can be used to clamp down other equipment like lawn mower machines and kayaks.


The straps feature a D-ring which anchors the bike without scratching the finish since it comes with a soft tie option.

With a loading capacity of 1000 pounds, the straps can haul many bikes below this value. The break strength is 3000 pounds.

The straps have polyester webbing which offers protection against UV ray and other extreme weather conditions. Polyester is weather resistant and durable.

A length of 8 inches for the straps is convenient enough since there will not be incidences of compromised tensile strength and tension usually caused by very long straps.

The straps have a thickness of 1.5 inches making then strong and durable.


  1. Wide and thick straps
  2. UV and tear resistant due to the polyester webbing.
  3. The manufacture offers 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.


The strap is you need to be sure of the ideal length of your bike.

With such huge break strength and load limit this bike straps can never disappoint. They are a must have for enthusiasts.

So if you fall there, you can have one. (Link will direct you to Amazon)

Badass Motogear

Badass Motogear tie down kit is one of the best ratchet strap to use while hauling your bike to your pick-up truck.

The kit has four padded ratchet straps and four soft loop tie downs together with a storage bag.


The straps are versatile enough and can tie down a lot other equipment like ATVs and trikes apart from bikes.

This is because each strap has a load limit of 3300 pounds and a break strength of 1100 pounds making them heavy duty.

Installing and uninstalling the straps is made easy since here is a guide provided.


  1. straps are made of weather resistant material
  2. It’s an all- inclusive kit providing soft loops and carry bag
  3. Ratchet straps of top quality with polyester webbing.
  4. High load limit and break strength.


  1. It is not very long for longer bikes.

In the case where you are not satisfied with your product, there is 100% money back guarantee.

If you are in search of heavy duty straps, this is your solution and you can easily get it. (Link will direct you to Amazon)

In conclusion, dirt bike straps are very essential to have when you own a dirt bike.

You will require to use them if you do not want to incur the cost of replacing your dirt bike parts after they are destroyed during the transportation process.

The quality of the bike strap is an important factor while choosing one considering there are many types of dirt bike straps available in the market.

But with a guide on the best dirt bike straps in the market you are safe.

The above information given enlightens you on the features gives more details on the features of some of the best dirt bike straps.

They include RHINO USA, GOSSIP, Sunferno, Pro Taper, Vault Cargo and Badass Motogear.

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