Best Aftermarket Dirt Bike Handlebars

The coolest motocross rides always tend to have the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars.

It always seems like a general rule of thumb when it comes to upgrading your dike.

The handlebar is, of course, the most critical of equipment in the dirt bike even though it does not receive attention. But the chances of you doing that seem slim.

You are reading this to upgrade your humble handlebar and improve your riding experience.

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I have nothing against stock handlebars on dirt bikes. But, the downside is that they come in various designs and sizes that often don’t suit the preferences of the riders.

Some of them even get wild bend once you do your first tip over. If you are in such a position, you can familiarize yourself with the following guide on the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars on the market.

The list is a sure reference guide on the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars. Plus, you’ll find a few interesting facts on what goes into picking a handlebar.

Here are the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars in no particular manner.

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Fasst Company – Flexx Bar

  • Item Weight : ‎4.55 pounds
  • Package Dimensions : ‎32.5 x 5.6 x 5 inches

The Fasst Company – Flexx Bars are the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars yet.

That is despite them being not so popular in the motocross scene. But what most riders don’t know is that these handlebars have a lot to offer.

The best selling point in the Flexx Bars has to be the 1-1/8 clamping area, which supports the 7/8 outer sections with hinges.

I also found that Fasst Co. put different kinds of elastomers on both parts to assist in compression and rebound.

The design can, thus, move up and down in line with the front suspension forks. In essence, the Flexx Bars are tunable in different densities.

As a top pick, the Flexx Bars also stick out due to their weight. Straightaway, you would take notice that its made of aluminum with a mix of titanium bolts.

The construct adds to its importance with the Flexx Bars tipping at 430 grams on the scale.

It may seem bulkier than the traditional handlebars, but it also has an advantage.

Riders are sure that they can go hard off-road without worrying about pushing their limits.

However, Flexx Bars are not cheap. But for riders seeking the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars, its an option if there is a big budget.

Mika Metals – Hybrid Series

Mika Metals Pin
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Bike Type : Hybrid Bike
  • Item Weight : 1.4 Pounds

Mika Metals took the consideration to produce its best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars for different styles.

The Hybrid Series handlebars are the first true oversize handlebars I have come across.

They fit in most types of 7/8-inch clamps. Its patent design ensures that the 7/8-inch bar diameter is compatible with the standard clamp size and bar size.

As such, you don’t worry about spending the extra money to swap out your bar clamps.

There is also the issue of increasing handlebar strength. Mika considered this and had their handlebar equipped with a crossbar.

While I didn’t have first-hand experience with it, I would presume this makes the crossbar stiffer than the standard 7/8 bar.

Still, it remains more flexible than most 1-1/8 handlebars with crossbars.

Neken – SFH (Smooth Feeling Handlebar)

Neken SFH00121C-WH SFH Pin
  • Material Aluminum
  • Item Weight 2.15 Pounds

As any experienced rider would know, a lousy handlebar can harass your hands after a few laps.

Rather than let it impact your dirt bike riding experience, Neken took time to develop the Smooth Feeling Handlebar or SFH for short.

For beginners, it is also an oversize bar with a variable diameter and a 1-and-1/8-inch clamping area.

The design also features thicker sidewalls for the internal diameter of the SFH grips.

In riding circumstances, this helps reduce vibrations to the hands and offers a mechanical clamp.

Besides, the SFH also claims to be 40% lighter than the stock handlebars on most dirt bikes.

Its aluminum make is on par with aerospace quality, which makes it a next-generation model.

Rather than have a crossbar, the Neken SFH sought to have a bar-pad. The design is almost like the Micro Bars handlebars from Pro Taper.

The only difference with the SFH is it’s made for average adult hands rather than small hands.

As you can imagine, this makes the Neken model one of the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars for tall riders.

ODI Podium MX Handlebars

Odi H914CFB HandlebarsPin
  • Item Weight : ‎3.15 pounds
  • Product Dimensions ‎: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

An initial check reveals the Podium MX Handlebars is not that much different from fellow bars in the 1-1/8 dirt bike crossbars category.

The only difference I would attest to would be handling and flexibility when testing it out for motocross.

At first, the 2014-T6 alloy is an excellent choice for ODI in their quest to offer their bar a bit of strength.

But I didn’t find it stable enough, especially on the part of the crossbar.

It does provide enough flex to cut fatigue and dissipate shock, but the balance between strength and style still lacks.

But the Podium MX Handlebars seem to take advantage of this and provided extra features you would find interesting.

For example, the bar can flex up to 2mm. It doesn’t sound that much since it’s only possible in a controlled fashion.

From the outlook, you can also tell that the sides on the Podium MX Handlebars are also knurled up.

The advantage of such a design is that it helps with grip bar adhesion, especially for adults.

To couple this, ODI also put a laser-accurate bar alignment mechanism to see it fit triple clamps and bar mounts.

Pro Taper Micro Handlebars

Pro Taper Micro HandlebarsPin
  • Color : Black
  • Item Weight : 2.25 Pounds

Despite being the originator of the oversize handlebar, Pro Taper wants to cater to the mini riders with this handlebar.

The clear giveaway would be the handlebar’s size. The bar isn’t much different from the initial 7/8 inch diameter found in other Pro Taper bars.

Now its dimensions measure only 17mm, enough to give small hands a perfect full grip.

Likewise, Pro Taper sought to develop the lightest yet most robust handlebar product with these Micro versions.

To achieve this, the manufacturer makes the Pro Taper Micro Handlebars out of an aerospace-quality aluminum alloy.

This means it bears a make that ensures quality and durability.

Pro Taper also recognizes the amount of wear and tear handlebars experience out in the circuit.

So, the brand incorporated a synthetic rubber compound on the handlebar edges to make the micro grips.

Combining the size of the handlebar and micro grips would make it a contender for the best aftermarket dirt bike handlebar for short riders.


  • Material : Aluminum
  • Item Weight : 2.9 Pounds

The evidence of the RENTHAL’s prowess is open in the TWINWALL handlebar.

Riders will find that this Twinwall handlebar uses the same dual-tube construction as planes.

According to Renthal, the tube comes with twinwalls made from anodized aluminum.

The inside has an ultra-strong aluminum make that can increases the fatigue life.

On the flip side, its outer tube can resist mechanical damage and weather corrosion.

Not forgetting, the TWINWALL handlebar is an oversize handlebar model.

At 1-1/8 inches, the bar offers the necessary strength, grip, and weight savings for some handlebar flex.

Another selling point would be its single bolt clamping system. In any case, this would be a downgrade.

But the TWINWALL handlebar has a bonded and lightweight clamp mechanism to increase its bar strength.

Improved shock absorption is also a result of having such a cross-brace system.

Pro Taper SE Series 7/8″ Standard Handlebars

Pro Taper SE Series 7/8″ Standard HandlebarsPin
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Item Weight : 2.2 Pounds

If you fancy the crossbar feel much more, then opting for Pro Taper Seven Eighths series would be a great start.

An excellent consideration for me would be its cold-forged crossbar that couples up with the crossbar clamp.

In the event you also need to fix them, Pro Taper further provides printed position guides to ease the process.

But you will need 7/8″ bar mounts if you seek to have your handlebar compatible with the bike or style of riding.

As I found out, the Pro Taper SE Series – ATV High/Jet Black has quite a reputation when it comes to design and quality.

A good reason for this would be its suitability across different bike sizes and styles of riding.

You would not fail to fancy the 5mm wall thickness that builds the endurance and strength of the bar.

Pro Taper also sought to have chemically applied graphics to ensure its design is scratch resistant.

The stainless steel frame further adds to the quality and durability of the Pro Taper SE Series.


Everything seems easy in print. However, picking a compatible aftermarket dirt bike handlebar is not all smooth.

Luckily, you now have an idea of what to look for and not get frustrated.

Instead, pick out one of these best aftermarket dirt bike handlebars and figure out if it suits you and your dirt bike.

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