How Much Horsepower Does a Dirt Bike Have? (With 20 Examples)

How much horsepower does a dirt bike have? This is the question that you will come across from time to time. First of all, you need to understand what the term ‘horsepower’ refers to as far as dirt bikes are concerned.

Horsepower (HP) takes into account the amount of force with the rate at which the same force is applied.

In circular motion (radial motion), horsepower is the direct result of rotations per minute (rpm) and torque.

On the other hand, torque is the amount of rotational force at a given distance.

So, by taking torque and rpm into consideration, you can easily work out the horsepower of your dirt bike engine.

Here is the general formula you can use:

Horsepower (HP) = Torque x RPM/5252

At 5252 rpm, both the torque and horsepower should be equal.

When you represent these parameters on a graph, torque versus horsepower lines must intersect at 5252 rpm.

This brings us to the question as to why 5252 is a constant in this regard. Apparently, HP is defined as 33,000 lb-ft per minute.

Keep in mind that a one-foot circumference radius circle is approximately 6.2832 feet.

Since these are constants, you may divide 33,000 by 6.2832 to obtain 5252. This is how 5252 constant comes about.

Both the horsepower and torque are important measurements when it comes to your dirt bike engine.

So, how much horsepower does a dirt bike have? Let’s find out from below examples of 20 best dirt bikes on the market today.

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Top 20 Dirt Bikes and Their Respective Horsepower

Before you set out to look for your dream dirt bike, it is important to know the type of riding you are looking forward to.

There are two major differentiations in dirt biking; trail riding and motocross riding.

Trail riding is meant for you if you are an adrenaline junkie looking to traverse the most challenging terrain you can think of.

This type of riding involves hundreds of miles on rugged trails, hills, jungles, and swampy areas.

Unlike the motocross riding, trail riding is unpredictable and gives you the liberty to choose your own path.

This ride is more of a measure of your capability rather than racing against time or an opponent.

When it comes to motocross, the situation is a little bit different. Here you only race on a groomed outdoor track.

The race involves several laps on a predetermined course where variables are already set.

So what is the average horsepower of dirt bikes?

Dirt Bike Horsepower Chart

1)Honda CRF450R-2019 9.948 57.49 30.35
2)Yamaha YZ450F-2019 8.148 50.09 32.94
3)Honda CRF450-2018 7.974 52.7 35.11
4) Kawasaki KX450-2018 10.777 68 28.75
5)KTM 450-2019 7.723 50.79 35.07
6)Suzuki RMZ 450-2019 8.00 50.12 33.98
7)Suzuki DR-Z400SM 8.192 51.6 33.41
8)Yamaha WR250R 7.307 47 33.58
9)Honda XR650L-2018 6.27 40 33.91
10)Kawasaki KLR650-2018 5.991 37 32.76
11)Husqvarna FE F01-2019 9.211 55.12 31.47
12)BMW G650 XChallenge 7.00 53 32.45
13)ATK Intimidator N/A 78 N/A
14)Beta 450 RS 6.00 75 N/A
15)Aprilia RXV 5.5 7.46 55 32.23
16)KTM 450SX-F-2018 9.50 60 33.78
17)Honda ARF 450L 6.034 37.90 33.21
18)Yamaha V-Star 250 8.00 21 32.60
19)Honda CRF 230 4.366 20 24.31
20)Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 6.778 44 34.44

Dirt Bikes with the Most Horsepower

1. HONDA CRF450R-2019

If you are a dirt bike enthusiast, Honda CRF450R gives you an edge over other riders in a race or trail.

This state-of-the-art 2019 model comes with new transmission ratios, narrower valves, shorter exhausts and fewer ounces in its weight.

Honda CRF450R is poised to win the race or traverse the rugged terrains with ease thanks to its agility and superior horsepower.

Speaking of horsepower, this dirt bike gives you a greater advantage off-road, downhill or along the rocky paths due to its 57.49 horsepower.

At a maximum speed of 87 mph, riding this rugged dirt bike will make you an ultimate winner regardless of the race track or trail.

This is coupled with a 449 cc liquid-cooled engine that provides you with absolute power to surge forward.

Honda CRF450R gives you the right answer to how much horsepower does a dirt bike have.

2. YAMAHA YZ450F-2019

Riding Yamaha YZ450F is every dirt bike rider’s dream. This 2019 Japanese bike is built for speed, power, and maneuverability.

The YZ450 engine is aggressive and powerful with lots of bottom-end power, decent top-end, and strong midrange. At 50.09 horsepower and 9,650 rpm, this bike can take your riding skills to the next level.

Yamaha YZ450F boasts of a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine complete with 4 valves to provide you with unmatched torque and top speed. The engine capacity is 449ccc with a compression ratio of 12.8:1, meaning that this machine is very efficient.

3. HONDA CRF450R-2018

A ride on Honda CRF450R will not feel the same if you are a seasoned rider. Featuring aluminum twin-spar frame, and all new Unicam engine, this dirt bike is just right for your motocross race.

The bike has undergone a tremendous change to increase performance and power. Weighing 255 pounds, this 2018 Honda CRF450R is convenient even at top speed.

Its 449cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is built to give you great performance at different speeds. Don’t forget that its 52.7 horsepower at 9440 rpm makes it one of the most powerful dirt bikes ever built.

You may take advantage of these numbers (horsepower and torque) to showcase your riding skills on a trail of your choice.

4. KAWASAKI KX450F-2018

When it comes to answering the question, “how much horsepower does a dirt bike have?”, you will need facts and evidence. For the evidence, look no farther than the 2018 Kawasaki KX450F.

Compared to the world’s fastest street-legal car, Kawasaki KX450F is greater in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

This should tell you that this dirt bike weighs less to make your riding effortless.

With a staggering 68 horsepower, this machine can withstand all terrains. Besides, the horsepower gives the KX450F speed advantage both on the course and trail.

5. KTM 450-2019

The 2019 KTM is an Austrian motorbike available in orange color. So, if you fancy brightly colored dirt bikes, this model is here for you.

This classic dirt bike is powered by a 449cc 4-valve engine.

This 4-stroke engine provides  50.79 horsepower at 9,32 rpm with 32.55 pound-feet torque (at 6,800rpm).

Also, the engine has a smooth power delivery that accelerates the bike to top speeds within a short time.

With features such as a 12.75:1 and electronic fuel injection, this dirt bike can deliver desirable results.

 6. SUZUKI RMZ 450-2019

Weighing 241 pounds, the 2019 SUZUKI RMZ 450 is truly a powerful dirt bike.

This two-wheeler can take you from one terrain to another at a blistering high speed.

Despite its weight, this 2019 Suzuki RMZ450 model is still a force to reckon for experienced dirt bike riders.

So, how powerful is this Japanese motocross bike? The 2019 RMZ450 produces 50.12 horsepower at 8,380 rpm with 33.13 pound-feet of 7,350 rpm torque.

Given this doesn’t make a big difference in the peak horsepower, the amount of power it produces is incredibly usable.

This dirt bike still maintains its best turning ability despite the addition of new features.

This makes it a perfect choice for supercross jumps or riding on smooth tracks.

Suzuki RMZ450 is all you need if you want to enjoy top speeds on a slightly heavier dirt bike.


Some people may discourage you from taking your new DR-Z400SM to the rugged terrain because of its massive rotors.

What they won’t tell you is that this powerful dirt bike will overcome every obstacle on every trail.

For speed, Suzuki DR-Z400SM will not disappoint you regardless of where you are riding it.

This Japan-made bike has an acceleration of 4.54-60 mph up to 94 mph in a matter of minutes.

In terms of horsepower and torque, this bike is second to none.

This is because it has a 51.6 horsepower that enables it to adapt well in almost any terrain.

For your off-road adventures, you may consider purchasing another set of DR-Z400SM rugged wheels.

These accessories will most likely help you achieve agility and stability even at sharp corners.


Here comes another powerful dirt bike designed for off-road rides as well as motocross races.

At a weight of 295 pounds, Yamaha WR250R has more speed, horsepower and engine capacity.

This dirt bike assures you of great performance and efficiency with every ride you take.

Its 50. 47 horsepower enables it to take you to different places even at top speed.

This is coupled with its 250 cc engine designed to provide speeds of up to 88.8mph.

When accelerating, Yamaha WR250R can gain 60 mph in a matter of 8.71 seconds.

9. HONDA XR650L-2018

With a top speed of 98 mph, XR650L comes as a dual-sport classic dirt bike at a reasonable price.

Its value is way beyond the price tag and you can attest to this fact through numerous rides.

Honda XR650L comes with a reputation portraying it as one of the most outstanding off-road models money can buy.

The bike can perform pretty well on the streets, course, and trails.

Its performance seems to improve over the years as you gain experience and skills in dirt biking.

This two-wheeler can reach a maximum speed of 98 mph with an acceleration of 60 mph in just 5.83 seconds.

Honda XR650L has a 644cc engine with 40 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful dirt bikes for off-road rides.

This 4-stroke engine provides strong torque and excellent performance throughout the ride.

10. Kawasaki KLR650-2018

Kawasaki KLR650 comes fully equipped with a 651cc engine that qualifies it for both offroad and street rides.

The KLR 650 is a capable middleweight dirt bike designed for dual purpose rides.

Its ample-size fuel tank, rims, frame, and suspension are included to make your off-road enjoyable and comfortable.

Also, these features enable the bike to maintain enough straight-line stability especially when you are riding on pavement.

This must-have dirt bike can reach a maximum speed of 108 mph due to its powerful 4-stroke DOHC, 4-valve engine.

Even though it weighs 432 pounds, the KLR 650 produces 37 horsepower to handle all terrains.

11. Husqvarna FE F01 S-2019

Husqvarna is a 58 horsepower, 510 cc engine capacity dirt bike that defies major obstacles on every terrain.

This 2019 FE01 model delivers immense power that is desirable to most dirt bike riders.

As a dual-sport machine, this motorcycle can deliver the best performance in all situations.

Its top speed of 101.5 mph gives you confidence while elevating your riding skills during the race.

As a matter of fact, the 2019 FE01 dirt bike can gain speeds of up to 60 mph in  4.5 seconds.

This feature gives you an advantage over other racers thanks to superior components and technology used in making it.

12. BMW G650 XChallenge

With 53 horsepower at 7000 rpm, BMW G650 Xchallenge gives you the reason to try your skills in biking.

This German machine has plenty to offer when it comes to dirt bike models.

BMW G650 Xchallenge is an uncompromising machine for different types of off-road rides.

That explains why this dirt bike can attain a top speed of 104 miles per hour.

As stated earlier, this dirt bike can perform better on the tarmac road and off-road.

While riding on a flat surface, BMW G650 Xchallenge can go from zero to 60 mph in less than five seconds.

13. ATK 700 Intimidator

ATK 700 Intimidator is indeed a real intimidator to other models because of its top speed of 110.

If you are still marveling at that speed, brace yourself for its breathtaking 78 horsepower.

The ATK 700 Intimidator takes the first slot in engine capacity. At 685 cc, this dirt bike is a real beast on the course and trails.

Surprisingly, this powerful motorcycle weighs just 238 pounds.

With a few modifications, your ATK 700 Intimidator can give you a clear edge over your competitors.

So, when you are asked to explain how much horsepower does a dirt bike have, use ATK 700 Intimidator as your reference.

After all, this dirt bike has the best features every rider can dream of.

14. Beta 450 RS

Even though it’s street legal in most of the states, Beta 450 RS is still considered a pure dirt bike.

With a weight of 238 pounds, this Italian-made motorbike can go as high as 111 miles per hour.

Beta 450 RS model is built to maximize the power-to-weight ratio.

You can attest to that by gauging its performance specs every time you are out riding it.

Beta 450 can attain 60 mph in 5.25 seconds, making it one of the suitable motorcycles for motocross.

Due to this massive speed gain, you can only fold up your mirrors and take the trail to your destination.

No wonder it is designed to produce 75 horsepower at 6000 rpm.

15. Aprilia RXV 5.5

Much to your surprise, the Aprilia RXV 5.5 weighs 303 pounds despite its great speed.

This makes the bike to earn a reputation of being lighter than other dirt bikes with almost similar specifications.

Aprilia RXV 5.5 brings you a 549 cc engine that provides 55 horsepower regardless of its small frame.

The bike is among the fastest brands you can rely on int every terrain.

When you use it as a street model, the bike will give you a maximum speed of up to 113 miles per hour.

On top of that, it will accelerate to 60 mph in less than 4.50 seconds.

16. KTM 450SX- F-2018

KTM brand has a reputation for bikes that have top speeds among the well-known two-wheelers in the world.

In the category of motocross dirt bikes, the 450-SX-F stands out from the rest when it comes to speed.

The bike comes with a 449 cc liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, 4 stroke engine to help you reach maximum speeds.

At 123 mph, this bike gives you a better chance of emerging a winner in every motocross challenge.

In addition, the 449 engine powers this bike well even though it weighs 237 pounds.

For better performance, the 2018 KTM 450SX-F provides 60 horsepower at 9,500 rpm with 33.7 pound-feet torque at 7,000 rpm.

17. HONDA CRF 450L

Honda brings you the CRF 450L dual-sport dirt bike you have been waiting for.

As a trail bike, the CRF 450L gives the best performance both on the street and off-road.

Still on the performance, this dirt bike can produce 37.90 horsepower including 26.90 lb-ft of torque.

These two parameters make the CRF 450L a dual-sport bike of choice for all categories of riders.

Apart from that, the bike comes with a specially designed suspension that you can adjust to your liking.

The 12.4-inch of clearance from the ground makes the CRF 450L go beyond the limits.

18. YAMAHA V-Star 250

Yamaha V-Star 250 is s sensible dirt bike designed for male and female riders.

This type of motorbike can help you gain your confidence and improve your riding skills.

You may use Yamaha V-Star 250 for training or take it on off-road riding and trail racing.

The bike can handle different types of speeds including the highway speeds.

Its air-cooled V-twin engine is designed to provide power as well as endurance that makes trail riding enjoyable.

With its 21 horsepower at 8,000 rpm, this 326-pound dirt bike can endure almost all terrains.

19. Honda CRF 230

If you’re looking for a versatile bike for intermediate and beginners, then Honda CRF 230 should be your choice.

This is a suitable bike to take you around the trails and on hills during your off-road adventure.

The bike features full-sized wheels complete with a well-designed seat that works best for both short and tall riders.

This bike can work well for you if you are transitioning from a small bike to a full-sized one.

At 245 pounds, Honda CRF 230 can still move faster and steadily on the streets and off-road.

This is made possible with the help of its 20 horsepower engine.

Also, Honda CRF 230 lets you experience the thrill and aggression of riding along rugged paths and tough terrains.

All you have to do is to press its electric button to engage the engine for your next ride.

20.Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 dirt bike is a Swedish bike which translates in meaning to ‘black arrow.’

This 401 is a clear indication that Husqvarna dirt bikes are returning to the roads.

From the design, you can easily tell that this unique bike is built to traverse tough territories.

With its upright riding position, you can still see what lies ahead of you while riding along.

Although it looks tough from outside, this Svartpilen 401 comes with a 373 cc single-cylinder engine.

At the same time, the bike produces 44 horsepower that gives it excellent performance throughout.

Final Thought

Dirt bikes look cool to anyone but it takes courage and skills to ride these two-wheelers.

Each brand name comes with unique features that set it apart from others.

One of the notable features that you should consider when choosing a dirt bike is the horsepower.

So, how much horsepower does a dirt bike have? This depends on specific brands of dirt bikes.

With that in mind, buy a dirt bike that meets your needs if you want to enjoy your rides.

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