What is the Best 50cc Dirt Bike?

In my years of dirt bike riding, one of the most common questions I have come across is, “What is the Best 50cc Dirt Bike?”

That is especially the case when a friend wants me to recommend a 50cc starter bike for his or her kids. In other its straight-up adults looking for a cheap dirt bike after showing interest in the sport.

Whatever the case, I always have several brands that I recommend whenever this question pops up. There are varying opinions from different sources on what is the best 50cc dirt bike in the market. But finding out the answer to this question is often a daunting task. To save you the time and effort, I will share my research and expertise on what is the best 50cc dirt bike. So, let’s explore some of the best 50cc dirt bike and which stands out from the crowd.

  1. Yamaha TTR-50E
  2. SUZUKI DRZ-70
  3. Honda CRF50F
  4. Suzuki JR 50
  5. KTM 50 SX
  6. YAMAHA PW50
  7. KTM 50 SX Mini
  8. SSR 50cc (Link will direct you to Amazon)
  9. KTM 65 SX
  10. Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike (Link will direct you to Amazon)
  11. Coolster 49cc Dirt Bike (Link will direct you to Amazon)

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Best 2-Stroke 50cc Dirt Bikes

Suzuki JR 50

The question of What is the best 50cc dirt bike, few would please my expectations as the Suzuki JR 50.

It remains an outstanding 50cc engine dirt bike option that riders can enjoy.

It’s not particularly rich in features, but Suzuki has ensured there is plenty to admire and fulfill.

For example, it has the standard air-cooled two-stroke engine to power up the dirt bike.

I also like the fact that Suzuki made it away with premixing in this model. In place, the brand put an oil injector to ensure things remain clean during the ride.

Power is also moderate considering its a single-speed automatic transmission, and at 50cc, it’s identical to most dirt bikes in the list.

But, much of the difference with the Suzuki JR 50 comes in the form of its dimensions.

Its one of the smallest minibikes we have as a dirt bike. That is evident by the 18-inch seat height and 28.7 inches as height.

The ground clearance also sits at 4.5 inches, which gives space for the dirt bike to decompress.


The KTM 50 SX is arguably among the only rides in this list to truly answer the question of, “What is the best 50cc Dirt Bike?”.

Judging from my experience, the KTM 50 SX is a minibike manufactured towards riders of 4 to 10 years old.

It comes packed with a powerful kick-start that powers up its single-cylinder two-stroke engine.

And like most other models in this list, the KTM 50 SX runs on a 49cc engine complete with a single-speed transmission.

Besides, KTM also built the 50 SX to be a beast in its category. The dirt bike offers high performance plus good ergonomics to make it worth the money.

For example, the automatic clutch system gives the rider manageable acceleration without too much effort.

You will also find the liquid cooling system makes the KTM 50 SX work efficiently. But as a liquid-cooled bike, it will need a coolant.

However, the maintenance should not worry you considering a liquid-cooling system keeps the dirt bike engine at considerable temperatures even when riding in hot conditions.

Yamaha PW50

From the outlook, the Yamaha PW50 seems like a miniature version of the TT-R50.

While this is true, there are considerable differences between the two Yamaha models.

Unlike the TTR50, the Yamaha PW50 runs on a 2-stroke engine, which is efficient if you are to consider its fuel economy.

You won’t have to premix either as Yamaha has made away with this feature in the Yamaha PW50 dirt bike.

The engine is further decent, with its 49cc capacity that uses an in-house fuel injection system.

With the Yamaha patent fuel injection system, this dirt bike saves you the headache of having to premix after every refill.

If that is not enough, Yamaha also went ahead to give the PW50 dirt bike an automatic transmission system.

As a bike tailored towards the young ones, I find this feature quite useful since it allows the dirt bike to start by twisting the throttle quickly.

You should realize that it has throttle limiting technology to control the speeds.

Lastly, Yamaha seals the deal for the younger end of the spectrum with the Yamaha PW50 seat height.

At 12-inches for height, younger riders of even five years can adjust and still feel comfortable.

KTM 50 SX Mini

The KTM brand also dominates the 50cc battle with an upgrade version of the KTM 50 SX.

The new KTM 50 SX Mini is a real highlight of how the struggle for supremacy is in the minibike category.

To begin with, the KTM 50 SX Mini is the smallest of the mini-thumpers I have come across.

But despite this, the Mini is no toy bike. Its seat height stands at 22 inches with a ground clearance of 184 mm.

Most riders would find this size beginner-friendly enough to have them learn the necessary skills.

KTM continues to showcase further its commitment to producing exceptional machines for different classes.

In our case, the KTM 50 SX Mini packs an automatic clutch, hydraulic brakes, and a 3-shaft engine to seal the technical design of the bike.

Like its SX sibling, the KTM 50 SX Mini has a displacement of 50cc from its single-cylinder 2-stroke engine.

An automatic clutch system and a Kickstarter still ensure this KTM model incorporates technology while remaining old-school.

Now the differences with the KTM 50 SX only come in the dimensions. The KTM 50 SX Mini runs on smaller wheels and has a lower hp for its engine.

The new type of clutch on the SX Mini also makes it less of a maintenance hurdle.

SSR 50cc

My quest on “What is the Best 50cc dirt bike also led me to unearth a dirt bike with plenty of potential for its class.

I wouldn’t consider it as the most popular model out there, but the SSR 50cc is a dirt bike worthy of a checkout.

A clear reason for this would be because the SSR 50cc is an upgrade of a mini pit bike made great for kids and young adults.

And there are plenty of features that make it worthwhile.

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I found features such as its 2-stroke cylinder engine as powerful as they can get in the 50cc class.

To back up the engine, there is also an automatic transmission system, alloy rims, and heavy-duty rear shock absorbers.

Part of the SSR 50cc dirt bike cool features also includes a speed limiter to couple the front and rear discs brake system.

Since it makes it to my list on What is the best 50cc dirt bike, the SSR 50cc also cuts to the top-of-the-line dirt bike.

KTM 65 SX Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes with 50cc engines are less commanding on trails or races. But the KTM 65 SX defies this by being a fully-fledged race mini dirt bike for the young enthusiasts.

In my initial assessment, this little thumper is KTM step-up from the 50 SX series.

That means that this KTM still carries several characteristics of its predecessors.

Thus, you can expect the standard KTM 6-speed transmission and 2-stroke power engine.

Likewise, I also found the wheels and tires to be like other KTM dirt bike models for racing.

You can expect the super lightweight, aluminum and black anodized rims on offer.

Also, KTM maintains its dirt bike history of traditional dirt bikes. You will find that the KTM 65 SX only comes with a Kickstarter.

Riders will feel frustrated at this considering its advanced technology on its hydraulic clutch.

On the unique aspects, KTM does not fail to meet expectations. The KTM 65 SX is among the few models with a fully adjustable air fork to improve on the front stability.

As a result, also the rider gets the guarantee that the dirt bike will offer secure handling.

Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike

The Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike is another 50cc dirt bike that gives the competition a run for its money.

While its not a KTM or Honda, the Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike still mimics a slew of features from other models.

The first giveaway would be the engine model. As a 2-stroke gas mini dirt bike, the Flying Horse model still impresses beyond expectations.

It also differs from traditional 2-stroke engines in the sense that it has a motorized engine system.

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This improves the Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike capability for quick maneuvering and acceleration.

The high performance does not end there as the dirt bike models run on an air-cooled 49cc engine.

Remember that an air-cooled engine eliminates any chances of a coolant freezing in adverse temperatures.

For maximum safety, the Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike put an automatic clutch system.

That is an essential feature if you are looking for a smooth ride on your 50cc dirt bike.

And to take safety the extra mile, the Flying Horse 50cc Mini Dirt Bike has a safety kill switch. With the switch, you can guarantee an immediate stop.

Best 4-Stroke 50cc Dirt Bike

Honda CRF50F

In any event, someone would ask you, “What is the Best 50cc Dirt Bike?” I would suggest you recommend the Honda CRF50F.

Its a top recommendation for a dirt bike since it’s reliable and safe. You are also sure not to go wrong with a Honda dirt bike.

From the onset, the Honda CRF50F gives a professional dirt bike look but with a pocket-sized aspect.

Riders looking to get a hold of it would especially love its compact features that improve the riding experience.

First off, it would be it’s 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that makes it a serious contender for the best 50cc dirt bike.

Part of the engine control system also has an automatic clutch on its three-speed transmission.

The significant advantage of this is that riders can shift gears without stalling.

This Honda model further provides reliability in the riding experience. It is among the few dirt bikes with a kick starter and an electric starter, as well.

Any young rider would easily be able to operate at least one of the start systems in the event the battery fails.

That way, your riding experience is not cut short because your battery got an issue.

Other cool features getting attention would also be the parental throttle control.

Any parent would like that the safety feature allows for speed adjustments incase the throttle becomes overwhelming.

Yamaha TT-R50E

Yamaha also never fails to deliver when it comes to a quality dirt bike.

Whether 250cc, 450cc, 100cc, or 50 cc engines, Yamaha seems to have the right choice for each class.

Their best engineering for the 50cc dirt bike showcases in the Yamaha TT-R50E. That would be my second best choice, after the Honda above.

To understand my perspective, you would have to start by comparing the Yamaha TT-R50E to its competitors.

In my findings, the Yamaha sports no kick start, which is unlike other models in its category.

I would not take this as a huge deal since the dirt bike for young riders of under ten years. Most would not have the effort to do that anyway.

The Yamaha TT-R50E also remains quite bulky for its class. The manufacturer lists 119 pounds as the total weight of the dirt bike.

Plus, its 3-liter fuel tank, this makes the dirt bike grounded to its base. That would explain why it has a low seta height of 21 inches.

On the flip side, there are similar features that match the Yamaha TT-R50E to the other dirt bikes on this list.

It has a single-cylinder engine, automatic clutch-type, and air-cooling, just like most 4-stroke 50cc dirt bikes.

The capacity is also the same, with Yamaha having put a 49cc engine and 3-speed transmission in this model.


It was also hard to end my research on what is the best 50cc dirt bike without coming across a Suzuki model.

In my case, the SUZUKI DRZ-70 was the choice of picking despite its superior features.

To begin with, it packs a 67cc four-stroke engine. Now, this is a significant change and contradicting my list.

There is, however, a newer model in the Suzuki DR-Z50. The only downside is that the DR-Z50 is still new in production, so not much confidence.

For the SUZUKI DRZ-70, I found it suitable to make my list due to several features.

There are the 10-inch wheels which I found to be a perfect fit for most young dirt bike enthusiasts.

The air-cooled engine is a significant advantage since its air-cooled.

That leaves room for plenty of torque and is sure to speed up the SUZUKI DRZ-70.

The whip also packs quite some displacement in terms of the dimensions. In comparison, it’s much larger than the Suzuki JR50 for ground displacement and seat height.

You will find that the height of 22 inches gives an inch of ground clearance.

As a matter of convenience, the DRZ-70 has a dual start system. You can start by pushing the e-button or use the Kickstart as a backup.

I found this especially suitable for dreadful situations where beginner riders get stuck.

Coolster 49cc Dirt Bike

The Coolster brand also jumped on the 50cc dirt bikes bandwagon with their version- the Coolster 49cc Dirt bike.

Now understand that this Coolster dirt bike model does not measure up to the likes of Yamaha, Honda or KTM.

Still, the dirt bike is feature-rich enough and has decent value for money.

From the onset, the Coolster 49cc Dirt Bike packs a 49cc single-cylinder engine which has an air-cooling system.

Such a system is essential if you want to keep the Coolster racing. For the novices, it means no more coolants spilling all over.

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I also take note that Coolster put an automatic clutch gearbox for its chain drive.

Plus, the automatic transmission, shifting gears in the Coolster 49cc Dirt Bike , becomes pretty easy. You can count on this to also improve the steering and control.

Lastly, I had to consider the Coolster’s weight. It’s only a mere 50 pounds in weight, making it a perfect fit for young kids and teenagers.

The 22-inch seat height further adds to the convenience of size. Overall, the compact dimensions make it an ideal answer for your motocross adventure.


There you have it! A thorough overview of some of the best 50cc dirt bikes that will meet your expectations and not ruin your budget.

Hopefully, there is a model that will suit you and answer your question on What is the best 50cc dirt bike.

If not, be sure you can always find another 50cc model that will suit your motocross or trail riding adventure.

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