Does Honda Make an Automatic Dirt Bike?

After going through feedback in one of my last articles, one reader asked the question, “Does Honda Make an Automatic Dirt Bike?”

Now, this was a good question that I hadn’t thought of and would admit that it was an exciting topic. In my response, I decided to research what Honda has been up to in regards to automation. My quest would begin on researching the Honda models, their stats, and how they fair.

Any experienced rider would confess at how automatic transmissions are a rarity in the motor world. But, Honda is shifting this landscape with the manufacture of many electronic dirt bikes.

As we will get to see, a good number of Honda’s recent models come with automatic engines. Honda’s interest in automatic dirt bikes seeks to produce a line of machines that appease the new generation of riders.

I have tried to make my list of Honda automatic dirt bikes comprehensive enough to include some of the best automatic dirt bikes from the brand. If you are questioning yourself, ” Does Honda make an Automatic dirt bike|” be sure to check out what I found.

  1. Honda CRF50F
  2. Honda CRF110F
  3. Honda CRF125F
  4. Honda CRF125FB Big Wheel
  5. Honda CRF150R
  6. Honda CRF150R Expert
  7. Honda CRF230F
  8. Honda CRF250F
  9. Honda CRF250L
  10. Honda CRF250R
  11. Honda CRF250X
  12. Honda CRF250 Rally
  13. Honda CRF450L
  14. Honda CRF450R
  15. Honda CRF450WE
  16. Honda CRF450RX
  17. Honda CRF450X
  18. Honda XR650L
  19. Honda NC700X DCT
  20. Honda VFR1200X DCT

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50-250cc Engine Capacity

Honda CRF50F

As Honda notes, the CRF50F is one of the best automatic dirt bikes for any beginner rider.

The brand attributes this success to several features present in the Honda CRF50F.

There is a 3-speed transmission with an automatic clutch system to help with smooth gear shifting.

If you feel the throttle is overwhelming, you have the option of a limiter.

Besides, Honda also put a durable 4-stroke engine that cuts you the frustration and hassles of typical dirt bikes.

On the matter of convenience, Honda went out of its way to have the Honda CRF50F come with a keyed ignition that powers up the 49cc engine.

Honda CRF110F

Honda’s CRF Performance Line dirt bikes have been a hit with the younger riders.

The 110F is no different as I found out its popularity relies on its terrific automation.

I would point out that the Honda CRF110F is a clutchless dirt bike, which makes it a automatic bike.

This is an added advantage for the young riders who could handle shifting through the four-speed gearbox.

If the bike stalls, Honda has put a convenient electric starter.

That is aside from the adjustable throttle limiter, which can useful in putting a cap on the four-stroke 109cc engine.

Honda CRF125F

The successor to the CRF110F is Honda’s CRF125F. That means that from the chassis, seat height, transmission, and engine are an improvement from the previous model.

In this case, the CRF125F features a 125cc air-cooled engine that comes with a 3-speed transmission. For its gearbox, you also get an automatic clutch system that makes it have a great riding experience even when manual.

You would also notice the automatic reliability that makes it super easy to use. With the electric starter, only the push of a button handles powering up this dirt bike. The 4-stroke motor runs an electronic fuel-injection system that is a replacement of the standard carburetor.

Honda CRF125FB Big Wheel

The CRF125FB Big Wheel is another model that is a simple upgrade of an existing model.

In this case, the Honda adds a bigger wheel and extra features to the current Honda CRF125F.

Also, the CRF125FB Big wheel retains the standard 124.9cc engine and 4-speed gearbox for that powerful riding experience.

The hardware also includes an electronic fuel-injection system, 4-speed manual transmission, and an electric starter.

I would reckon that the CRF125FB Big Wheel is a semi-automatic dirt bike.

It’s clutch design is unique in that it provides the best acceleration possible through both manual and automatic option.

Honda CRF150R

Honda goes on to produce the CRF150R semi-automatic dirt bike by scaling down and retaining features on the CRF250R.

Yet, the downsize works to the advantage of the CRF150R since it packs most performance within a mini-motocross bike.

You will find a 149cc engine, 32.8-inch seat height, and a 1.1-gallon fuel tank in this 185-pound pint-size screamer.

It also runs a liquid-cooling system, so coolant is necessary for its to keep the engine from overheating.

I also think it’s a worthy four-stroke engine that challenges the two-stroke dirt bikes in the mini ranks.

The specifications also include a manual 5-speed transmission and an electronic ignition.

This combination indicates the significance of adding automatic advance features in the final drive.

Honda CRF150R Expert

The CRF150R Expert is a Honda model with a design that gives the young rider significant advantages in the motocross track.

It has a 149cc engine, ultra-high rpm, and a unique 4-stroke power for quick acceleration.

On exploring this model, you will also find it includes an advanced digital ignition system.

Honda sought to add this to tailor the dirt bike for maximum power when charging the throttle.

Its heavy-duty clutch system is right to maintain the CRF150R Expert’s durability and control.

The plates in the hardware are also friction-resistant to increase strength.

Honda CRF230F

The CRF230F is reliable dirt bike from the Honda team. This is a dirt bike that you can quickly start its four-stroke engine at the push of a button.

Additionally, Honda thought to put an air cooling transmission for its 250cc engine capacity.

Its also pretty lightweight with an dry weight of 249 pounds. Most riders can, thus, move it around , even for beginners.

You will also enjoy that the dirt bike is soft enough to ride even in rough terrain.

Its tire size of 21-inches for the front and 18inches for the rear means it doesn’t compromise in tackling obstacles.

250-500cc Engine Capacity

Honda CRF250F

The CRF250F is another distinct dirt bike you would have to look at if you want to answer, “Does Honda make an automatic dirt bike.”

Technical specifications make it stand out on dirt roads, trails, and even the streets.

That is possible thanks to the five-speed automatic transmission that gives the dirt bike smooth gear shifting while riding different terrains.

The mechanical parts also include the 250cc engine capacity that makes it a contender for any dirt racing segments.

The dimensions add to the compliments of this Honda CRF model.

You will find out that its a full-size dirt bike with a seat height of 34.8 inches and life-sized wheels.

Honda CRF250L

Honda reveals its prowess in the dirt bike scene with the CRF250.

The model is not ground-breaking but will get you balanced track performance.

But it still beats competition due to its one-in-all approach.

You will find the CRF250L has a six-speed automatic transmission, 4-stroke motors, and a two-gallon fuel tank.

Honda also put the standard liquid cooling system, and inverted suspension forks to add to the dirt bike’s features.

The potential of the CRF250L comes in its fuel injection design that gives it a crisp, quick start reaction to the 250cc engine.

A seat height of 35-inches, steering locks, and reshaped air boot also feature aspects you will come across with the CRF250L.

Honda CRF250R

Honda guys will also be happy that the CRF250R is bringing more automatic power, better suspension, and a solid chassis feel to the table.

The brand has worked on the 250cc category to produce its best model in the class.

For the CRF250R, Honda wants to address issues of the engine, balance, and the riding experience.

They got a four-valve motor, three power maps, and a better clutch capacity.

Also, the Honda CRF250R sports a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. Now for its class, this Honda model has a displacement of 249cc.

You can run the dirt bike’s transmission through its 5-speed automatic systems.

Honda CRF250X

The CRF250X is another ideal dirt bike that comes to mind when I got the query, Does Honda Make an Automatic Dirt Bike?”.

Now you will notice that its an electric start that allows the rider to use an electric start button instead of kickstarting each time.

The CRF250X is also a pretty powerful dirt bike. Its engine is a 250cc four-stroke model that comes with an automatic power band.

As you will also find out, it runs a liquid-cooled engine with a single bore and stroke mechanism.

Unlike its competitors, the CRF250X runs on a four-valve engine. Most dirt bikes outside the Honda brand run on a twin-cam layout.

Honda CRF250 Rally

From the Honda team of automatic dual dirt bikes comes the CRF250 Rally. This model is a successor to the CRF250L trail bike.

You will find it has the same 250cc single-cylinder engine that can reach speeds of up to 65mph.

Both bikes also have a six-speed transmission that operates on a liquid-cooling system.

The CRF250 Rally also gets LED headlights, a 10-liter fuel tank, and an electric start button.

Honda CRF450L

As an example, Honda also develops the Honda CRF450L to be a performance-driven machine rather than an experience-level dirt bike.

It provides user-friendly experience despite its high-end capacity of 450cc.

Honda also claims the Honda CRF450L to be one of its best semi-automatic dirt bikes in the high-end category.

Case and point, the Honda offers the perfect combination of an off-road champion and a street-legal bike.

You will find advanced features such as an emissions system, LED lighting, AC generator, and a capacity radiator.

Part of the machinery also includes the single-cylinder 450cc engine that remains smooth despite the high-speed capability.

Honda CRF450R

Honda adds useful updates to its CRF450 series to come up with the new CRF450R.

In case you run into the model, you can expect to find several updates on the engine, suspension, and chassis to previous versions.

A new exhaust, engine modes, shift sensor, and launch control are some of the technology aspect I came across.

The Clutch feel remains the same under its four-stroke motor engine.

Honda also chooses a liquid-cooling system that the brand deems valid on the 449cc engine.

With a proper coolant and lubricant, you can also keep the 5-speed automatic transmission in an efficient mode.

Honda CRF450WE

The performance-hungry rider can also eye the Honda CRF450WE as an option for an automatic dirt bike.

It gets even better with its advanced updates from the Honda race shop.

You can expect different automatic riding modes, internal shock settings, rear brake-pad, and dual-compound grips.

The battery position is also further down the Honda CRF450WE’s chassis. That is to improve the dirt bike handling and balance during riding.

On the technicalities, Honda put a 449cc single-cylinder engine with an automatic fuel injection system.

The electric start is also a great feature offering the advantage of relaxed control.

For optimum riding, the Honda CRF450WE features extra features such as shift sensors, single-cylinder engine, and launch control.

Honda CRF450RX

The CRF450RX is a motocross bike in production with several updates on its components.

It boasts of several features that make it an electric off-road specific dirt bike for the trail enthusiasts.

You can expect a 2.2 fuel tank, kickstand, advanced suspension settings, and six-speed transmission.

Riders will further prefer that the CRF450RX has one of the most comfortable shifting mechanism.

The clutch is smooth and relatively consistent to handle even competitive off-road races.

The engine also gets plenty of revisions from the previous CRF450R. Some of the changes made include the cylinder design, clutch lifter, and pump design. The technicals aspects of the pistons, shift sensors, and engine modes also had an upgrade to improve on the bike’s automatic options.

Honda CRF450X

The first giveaway about this Honda model would be its rugged off-road look that combines with a dual-sport design. But the CRF450X is a legit off-road dirt bike with advanced features to make it compatible enough for racers.

The real aspects of its capabilities lie in its modern 450cc four-stroke engine made for dirt and trail riding. Its engine further includes a current fuel injection system that is a tweak meant to improves its off-road use.

I also notice that the CRF450X borrows much of its features from the CRF450R dirt bike. As such, the CRF450X bears the same six-speed gearbox that provides the dirt bikes automatic transmission settings.

500cc and above engine capacity

Honda XR650L

The Honda XR650L is a dual-sport dirt bike in the brand’s category of speed champions. It is a popular model in races due to its variety of modern tech features.

For example, the rider gets an electric start system, stiff suspension, and lower gearing as modifications to benefit the users.

It also has a 649cc engine that runs on an air-cooling system to prevent potential overheating.

Honda also includes advance modifications for its ignition, induction, and transmission mechanisms.

In the case, the Honda XR650L features an electronic ignition advance, five-speed transmission, and advanced carburetor mods.

Honda NC700X DCT

Few Honda models can answer the question, “Does Honda Make An automatic dirt bike?”.

From its outlook, it combines the designs of a touring ride and the rugged looks of a dirt bike.

As a result, the Honda NC700X DCT combines the best of both worlds to offer an exceptional riding experience.

Its brilliance is evident in the versions available.

Buyers can pick between a the standard six-speed manual or have a dual-clutch automatic transmission version.

All versions still get three-sport mode settings that have automatic shifting to suit your terrain or riding conditions.

The default technology of this bike is also a automatic transmission mode.

That implies the Honda NC700X DCT powers up its 670cc engine using an electronic system.

Honda VFR1200X DCT

Before you scoff, you should know that the Honda VFR1200X DCT is borderline more of an adventure bike rather than a dirt bike.

But, Honda has made it possible for the Honda VFR1200X DCT to achieve dirt bike responsibilities with little ease.

Its 1237cc engine makes it’s among the most potent dual sport dirt bikes with a handful of torque.

At top speeds, the Honda VFR1200X DCT can hit high records of almost 9,000 rpm.

Such speeds dictate that Honda must advance its brake system.

Automatically linked brakes are available to ensure it remains safe for use in the street or trails.

The mechanical aspect is also advanced to allow it to perform flawlessly. For instance, its six-speed gearbox offers the smoothest of engagements.

You will also like the technical features such as the electric start, traction control, and dual-clutch transmission.

That means it runs an automatic system, which answers our question, “Does Honda Make an automatic dirt bike?”


Honda has plenty of automatic and semi-automatic dirt bikes available.

If you are a fan of the brand, you are sure to enjoy automatic dirt bikes from top-shelf racer models to mini-bike style models.

You are now confident to get an automatic Honda dirt bike for your situation or experience.

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