How Fast Does an 80cc Dirt Bike Go?

So you are on a quest to find out, “How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go?”

Well, in this post I’ll rely on the experience of dirt bike riders who have had the chance to rev up their 80cc dirt bikes to the maximum.

On the the other hand, I’ll rely on my research from asking manufacturers and looking through their manual books to establish safe speeds for 80cc dirt bikes.

How Fast Does an 80cc Dirt Bike GoPin

So, how fast does an 80cc dirt bike go? The average max speed of a 80cc dirt bike is 45-50 mph. The speed rate s for a majority of the 80cc dirt bikes you will come across. But, the dirt bike industry has plenty of varieties that come in with different engines. Ultimately, this means that you can find dirt bikes that surpass the 50 mph to reach as high as 70 mph.

Of course, asking yourself how fast does an 80cc dirt bike would take into consideration a lot of factors that affect speed.

Typically, this would be an easy process if only you had a hands-on experience of the different 80cc dirt bikes available.

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Rather than weigh yourself down with lots of information, I have made the next section for you.

You will expect to review the different 80cc dirt bikes and their top speeds.


How Fast Does an 80cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

To start with, the 2-stroke engines tend to be faster than the 4-stroke engines you will find.

Some technicalities go into why this is possible, but we will review that later.

For now, the 2-stroke 80cc dirt bikes appear much powerful and faster for the riders. Here are some of the 2-stroke models I did find

Kawasaki K80

The top speed for Kawasaki K80 is about 65 mph

The Kawasaki K80 is my best bet to get you onboard how fast does an 80cc dirt bike go?”

For starters, it is a dirt bike for kids with a less-powerful engine. However, from the specs sheet, the Kawasaki is still able to pack a decent amount of power and speed.

That has to do with the engine Kawasaki has to equip their 80cc dirt bike.

Of course, it is a two-stroke engine running on a single-cylinder system with an extra piston reed valve.

That is aside from the liquid cooling systems that work in conjunction with the engine.

On the part of the transmission, you will come across the KX80 as a six-speed mechanism with a constant mesh to boost.

Combining such engine components has made the 80cc dirt bike achieve speeds of well over 60 mph.

As a result, this also means the KX 80 can produce plenty of power to even out the speed.

True to this, I did find that this Kawasaki also packs plenty of power that does not make it intimidating.

At 19HP @ 11,500 rpm, I consider it an easily maneuverable dirt bike even when revving up to the maximum.

Suzuki JR80

The max speed for Suzuki JR80 is 45 mph

The Suzuki JR80 is a next-level upgrade dirt bike for beginners looking to up their dirt bike riding game.

Young riders often pick this dirt bike as an option whenever they need to upgrade and improve their dirt bike riding speed and handling.

And there is a good reason why this is becoming prominent.

For starters, the Suzuki JR80 stands out as a two-stroke engine dirt bike with decent power and speed to please riders.

The speeds clocks in at a modest 45 mph, which is a street-legal limit in most states.

Now, the speed is only possible thanks to the different aspects of the engine.

You will notice that it runs on a single-cylinder system with 5-speed chain transmission.

Not forgetting the displacement is at the high-end of this class with a 79cc capacity.

Furthermore, the engine receives a rating as an enduro or off-road due to its power to conquer trails and hard terrain.

As per the specs sheet, this Suzuki engine can produce a decent torque to match its capabilities. The 8mm head bolts torque at 19 – 21 ft/lbs.

Any smaller 6mm bolts torque to only 6 ft/lbs like those on the lower cylinder.

The insides of the engine would further satisfy you when looking to answer how fast does an 80cc dirt bike go?”

With this Suzuki engine, there is no premixing the fuel due to the optimum lubrication.

That is thanks to the advanced Suzuki oil injection that offers quality transmission within the 1.08-gallon fuel system.

Suzuki also sticks to its old-school model by making this 80 cc dirt bike with a simple kickstart mechanism.

It offers riders an easy starting with a simple kick. However, while it’s a kickstart dirt bike, there is the Pointless Electronic Ignition to help power up the engine.

Suzuki RM80

The maximum speed for Suzuki RM80 is 60 mph.

The RM80 dirt bike is another recommendable 80cc model from the Suzuki Corporation.

In the production line, Suzuki sought to have the RM80 in different variations, each representing its year of make.

The latest model posses a small scrambler engine with an 80cc displacement volume.

By volume, this means the cylinders’ size, which the pistons sweep. In this case, Suzuki put a single-cylinder mechanism to power up the engine.

Suzuki also makes the RM80 as a two-stroke model that can pack decent speeds.

At almost 60 mph, the engine cycle packs one of the best speed for its class.

Much of this is thanks to the engine components and specifications. For instance, the bore and stroke of the engine stand at 1.9 by 1.8 inches.

That is, while the compression ratio is 10.8 is to one.

While these technical details may mean little, they do indicate that the specifications are compatible enough for the power and speed.

While talking of power, you may want to know that the engine power transfer works on a final drive chain.

It means that the engine horsepower uses the chain drive to transfer power to the rear wheel from the engine.

As per Suzuki, this horsepower is possible thanks to the dirt bike six-manual transmission gearbox.

The transmission uses its capability to ensure the RM80 produces its standard power of 14.21 HP(10.6 KW) at 11000RPM.

How Fast Does an 80cc 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

The four-stroke 80cc engines are the quieter and far fuel-efficient dirt bike versions.

In essence, this means the 4-stroke engines can create higher torques but with lower RPMs.

However, when it comes to, “How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go, this class of models has significantly varying speeds.

Honda CRF80F

The top speed for Honda CRF80 is 55 mph.

Another perfect combination for beginners looking for speed and control is Honda CRF 80F.

The versatile thumper is a product line of Honda’s legendary handling and balanced performance.

The apparent feature to start with is the bike is just right for speed and performance.

You will find that its an 80cc engine with a rear suspension that makes it easy and robust enough to handle.

Honda packages both these features in a robust steel chassis for hard and long-lasting durability.

To further enhance the bike’s reputation with speed, Honda also put a sustainable conventional clutch and five-speed manual to boot.

The combination of both these makes it the right size for riding development in beginners.

Beginners and youth can also enjoy that the engine remains powerful despite its low displacement capacity.

At 79cc, the engine can produce a horsepower measure of 6.5kW (4 kW) at 8000 rpm. All this is possible through the manual kick-start engine.

Such power is an indication that you will be able to rev up the dirt bike like the two-strokes.

If possible, you can expect this Honda actually to achieve speeds of upto 55 mph. I consider this quite high for such a small dirt bike with a two-stroke engine.

And as always matters of speeds would go hand in hand with the torque output. As per the specifications, Honda has the CRF80F producing a torque output of 6.5Nm at 8000rpm. It makes it possible actually to achieve the speed I have mentioned earlier.

Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike

The max speed for this mini bike is around 23 mph.

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Despite being an 80cc model, the Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike is not for speed. It has safety as a priority and is not exactly for that fast driving experience.

In short, it is a sort of minibike to help adventure-seekers and smart users get around running errands.

The reason I say this is due to the design and features in place.

Its 80cc engine gives the rider the advantage of less complication in operation.

Since it running with a bit part automatic, this Gas Mini Bike also gets to achieve less speed.

As per the review of most dirt bikes, it is not a model that would answer your questions on, “How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go.

It only can achieve a speed of 23 mph at tops.

As such, you should not also expect the power behind the Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike to be high.

The specification indicates that the four-stroke engine can run at 2.5 HP to ensure a convenient riding experience.

Mega Moto MM-B80-BR Dirt bike

The top speed for this bike is 23 mph.

The Mega Moto MM-B80-BR dirt bike has little difference in comparison to the Gas Mini Bike.

Both run an 80cc engine model with a powerful overhead valve mechanism and automatic clutch. With these engine feature, you can, therefore, expect the smooth operation.

Likewise, the maximum speed of this bike can achieve 23 mph. That is as per the maximum capability of the 79.5CC OHV engine that combines with the centrifugal clutch to have a smooth operation.

The Monster Moto brand also wants to ensure that safety runs alongside quality design standards.

That means the dirt bike still has a low-speed rate in comparison to other four-stroke models.

As per the manufacturer, the maximum speed stands at 23 mph. But this speed is only for the 190 kg recommended weight.

Less weight than this can be able to achieve a top speed of 26 mph.

On the part of the horsepower, there is not much to consider in reviewing the Mega Moto MM-B80-BR dirt bike.

It also matches its power output with the Gas Mini Bike. That means you will only expect 2.5 HP as the total output.


You can tell that several dirt bikes are offering decent speeds, but they remain few.

The rest are instead dirt bikes with few off-road capabilities and can manage speeds of under 50 mph with the right conditions.

Hopefully, this article piece gets to answer your question on ,”How fast does an 80cc dirt bike go?”

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