How Much Do Dirt Bikes Cost ? : A Detailed Guide

You have probably decided to get yourself a dirt bike, but the main question is, ‘How much do dirt bikes cost?’

The truth is, the prices of dirt bikes vary since they come in various brands, makes, and for different uses. Besides the brands, there is the age factor.

How old or new the dirt bike is and whether used or not. There are also dirt bikes for different users; children and adult riders.

The type of engine is also a contributing factor to the pricing of dirt bikes; 2- stroke or 4 -stroke. The prices for motorized and electric bikes also vary.

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On average, a new dirt bike will cost you around $6000- $9000 for most of the common dirt bike brands. An example, a brand new Yamaha YZ 250F 4 stroke engine dirt bike costs $8199 while a Beta 125RR 2- stroke costs around $7999.

In this article, we will discuss the prices for the various brands of dirt bikes, their models, and the specifications behind the costs.


How Much Are Electric Dirt Bikes

On average, the electric dirt bike prices range between $8000- $15000, depending on their use, whether street legal or for off-road trail riding.

There are various brands of electric dirt bikes;

KTM Free Ride E-XC

The KTM free ride bike will cost you around $8299. It offers a high and powerful torque of 42Mn and a control unit.

It only requires eighty minutes to recharge, making it quite efficient and can go for up to an hour when fully charged.

The bike also offers excellent torque of 31 lb-ft.

It also has a Free Ride engine, which smoothly transitions for smooth riding through all terrains.

The bike has three modes:

  • The Economy goes at thirty miles per hour.
  • Endure, which has its power restricted to 16kW.
  • Cross with the power of up to 18kW.

Sur- Ron MX Electric Dirt Bike

The Sur- Ron Firefly bike costs around $3500.

It has an O- Ring Chain to enhance efficiency during use for long periods and to keep it quiet.

The best feature of this bike is the 60v 31.9 ah battery.

The Panasonic battery is large and powerful for a more extended range. It runs with 80 amps of power.

Electric Motion Escape

The EM 5.7 electrical dirt bike costs between 14,000- $15000. The bike can recharge on its own when going downhill.

It has a maximum speed of 60km/h and a large battery of Lithium Ion of 51.8V. The bike can also run for up to 150 minutes with a little recharge time of fewer than two hours. The engine does not make any noises.

Stealth Electric Bike

The Stealth H-52 costs around $9500. It is the perfect bike for off-road trails with the 4.5kW power.

The maximum speed for the bike is fifty miles per hour, with a 35-miles range. It also takes little time to recharge; around two hours or less.

Zero Electric Bikes

The Zero FX electric dirt bike costs around $8495. It gives an excellent torque up to 78 lb-ft.

The bike also comes with a smart battery that prompts you to recharge in case of a low battery.

You can customize the bike to suit your needs and improve its performance on the Zero Motorcycle App.

The Zero DS electric dirt bike costs up to $10995. This bike is perfect for all terrains.

The bike can go for over ninety miles and has a short recharge time of one hour.

You can make adjustments to improve the bike’s performance on the Zero Motorcycles App.

The Zero S 2018 model goes for $10995, the Zero DSR has a powerful motor and costs about $16495 while the Zero SR retails at $16495.

Kuberg Free Rider Electric Dirt Bike

The Kuberg Free rider costs at least $3999.

This bike comes with a 22AH 48 volt battery, which supports riding for up to two hours at the maximum speed.

It takes around two and a half hours for recharging.

It has special forks of 180 mm with air pumps, which help to withstand high jumps and rocky terrains.

Alta Motors Redshift MX

The Alta bike costs $10495. Sounds expensive, but this bike has impressive features such as a commanding torque of 147 FT- LBS and has a speed of up to 80 miles per hour.

The bike’s recharge time is much customizable. It can take up to four hours for a full charge, but you can opt to speed charge for only two hours or less.

It also comes with an improved R5.8 battery for excellent performance and is perfect for all types of terrains.

It is definitely worth the price.

Cake Kalk Electric Bike

The Cake Kalk Electric Bike is worth at least $14000 and comes with a 50Ah battery making it sturdy and giving an excellent torque of 31 lb.-ft.

This makes it possible to ride for up to three hours.

The bike runs at a maximum speed of up to 50 miles per hour. It is also very light, weighing around 70 kilos.

Armotia Electric Bikes

The Armotia X costs anything from $13460. This bike comes with a unique feature; a two-wheel drive. It is, therefore, suitable for both road and off-road riding.

The battery power is up to 5.1kW with a maximum speed of up to 50 miles per hour. The bikes can run for up to one and a half hours when fully charged.

Bultaco Brinco R Electric Dirt Bike

The Bultaco Brinco is worth $6500. Do you want to get excising? Try the Bultaco Brinco R bikes.

They have petals for independent riding. The bike comes in three types;

  • Eco
  • Tour
  • Sport

The Eco bike has a maximum speed of thirty miles per hour, and the tour goes up to forty-seven miles per hour while the Sport bike can go at a rate of up to sixty-seven miles per hour.

The Bultaco Brinco R Bikes have a three hour recharge time and a large lithium-ion battery of 1.3kWh.

LMX Electric Bikes

The KMX 161-H Free rider MX retails at around $9000. It is lightweight and significantly improved for off-road trail riding.

It weighs only 92 lbs. And high power of 161-H with strong shock absorbers for a smooth landing and excellent suspension for high jumps.

It has a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour and can go up to 50 miles, equivalent to two hours or two and a half hours of off-road riding. It requires at least three hours of recharge time.

The Tacita T- Race Enduro

The Tacita T- Race Enduro is the most expensive electric dirt bike. It costs around $18800. This bike comes with manual electronic gears and clutches. This is ideal for both off-road and road riding.

The bike has a powerful motor with a power of up to 34kW and a continuous torque of 62.7 lb.-ft. It can go for up to 80 miles, equivalent to three hours of off-road trail riding.

How Much Are Mini Dirt Bikes

A dirt bike would be an excellent gift for your child. There are various brands of mini dirt bikes to choose from, which are quite inexpensive.

The prices for the mini dirt bikes range between 250- $350.

These include:

Razor Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Dirt Bike

The Razor Dirt Rocket is a dirt bike for kids, and will only cost you $289. It is small-sized to suit young trail riders.

It has a speed of 14 miles per hour and can go for up to thirty minutes, which is quite convenient for children.

SYX MOTO Mini Dirt Bike

The SYX MOTO kid’s mini dirt bike will cost you around $286. It has a two-stroke engine, 49cc.

It also has a rear suspension and back and front brake discs.

The bike has a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour and a speed limiter to control the riding speed for your child up to 15 miles per hour.

This bike is ideal for off-road riding.


The PCC MOTOR mini dirt bike costs around $314. It is light in weight, making it convenient for young riders, weighing only 48lbs.

It has a two-stroke engine for long service life and makes insignificant noise.

It has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

Gas Mini Dirt Bike

This bike costs around $249. This bike is small-sized, with a seat height of 21 inches, to ensure the young rider’s comfort.

It goes at a maximum speed of up to 20 miles per hour and can handle the weight of up to 135lbs. The transmission is fully automatic.

X-Pro Mini Dirt Bike

This bike costs about $319 and has a four-stroke engine for durability. It can handle about 80lbs weight, and it weighs 46lbs.

The bike is EPA improved; therefore, it produces low noise and automatically mixes its gas and oil.

Gas Bike Mini Dirt Bike

The Gas scooter bike costs around $313. It has a two-stroke engine, and EPA improved.

The bike is ideal for riders above 13 years and can handle the weight of up to 150lbs.

How Much Are Alta Dirt Bikes

The Alta Motors Redshift Mx is an electric dirt bike for trail riding and costs $14995.

It is sturdy and can go for up to two hours. It weighs 267 lbs. And has a seat height of up to 36.8 inches.

On the other hand, the Alta EX endure costs $12995 while the Alta SM supermoto dirt bike costs $15500.

How Much are Used Dirt Bikes

The prices of used dirt bikes depend majorly on the condition of the bike at the time of purchase.

The common use of dirt bikes in on rough terrain, and they are more likely to tear and wear out more quickly than other bikes.

It, therefore, depends on the maintenance that the previous owner ensured to determine a dirt bike’s worth.

Bikes that are well taken care of have a high resale value, which often depreciates with the age of the bike.

During resale, the price depreciates by around 12.5% of the original amount every year, which is equivalent to about $1000.

For instance, if a dirt bike in December 2019 costs $8750, you can get it next year, same time, but for around $7650.

We can compare the prices for the used and unused dirt bikes in common brands:


A brand new Husqvarna FC350 dirt bike costs around $9300, while a used bike of the same brand costs anything between $6000- $7000.

This is the current price for a bike in good condition. In case of any malfunction, the used bike could cost much lesser than that.

The new 2016 Husqvarna TC 125 with a hydraulic Magura clutch, a single-cylinder, and a two-stroke engine is worth $7000.

A used dirt bike of the same make and model costs around $4500.


The Yamaha YZ450F is a four-stroke engine with a fuel capacity of two gallons.

The 2016 model costs around $8600 while new.

When used, this same type and brand of dirt bike go for around $5000 more or less depending on its condition during the time of purchase.

Looking at another example from the Yamaha brand, it will cost you up to $6700 to acquire a brand new 2016 Yamaha WR250R with a four-stroke engine, an electric fuel injection, and a fuel capacity of two gallons.

It will cost you at least $1700 less; $5000 for a used version of the Yamaha WR250R dirt bike.

Probably due to its excellent qualities, the value does not depreciate at a high rate.


The Kawasaki KX450F is a single-cylinder dirt bike with a four-stroke engine.

While new, the 2015 Kawasaki KX450F model goes for $8700, and when used, it costs as low as $3000.

This confirms the constancy of the depreciation rate. The Kawasaki brand goes down at least by $1000 every year for five years.


You will require at least $8700 to purchase a brand new 2018 GasGas XC 300 with a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, and an electric start-up dirt bike.

To acquire the used version of the same dirt bike, you will only require $6700, at least $2000 off the original price.

This still depends on the condition of the dirt bike at the time of purchase.


A brand new 2019 Honda CRF250R dirt bike with a four-stroke engine and an electric start-up costs $8000.

The same bike, when used, costs around $6000. The resale value here majorly depends on its condition.

It could cost more or less of the $6000 due to malfunction or improvement since the model is new.

The 2018 Honda XR650L new model costs $7000 for the four-stroke engine and electric start, with additional street-legal features.

A used dirt bike of the same brand, make, and model costs around $5300.


The 2017 model of the Beta 250 RR dirt bike with a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine, and an electric start-up cost up to $7500 when new.

The used version of the same dirt bike will cost you $6500, at least $1000 lesser than the original price, if in perfect condition.

To get the new 2018 Beta 300RR, you will require at least $8500 for the dirt bike with a two-stroke engine, an electric start, and a fuel capacity of 2.5 gallons.

For the same brand and features, it will cost you $7300 to get the used version of the2018 Beta 300RR.

The depreciation rate for the Beta brand is much lower than most of the common dirt bike brands.

How Much Are KTM Dirt Bikes

KTM dirt bikes com in both two-stroke and four-stroke engine types.

The 2019 KTM 250SX-F model with a fuel capacity of 1.85 gallons, a four-stroke engine, and a resonator costs up to $8999.

The used dirt bike of the same brand, make, and model costs $6500.

Its counterpart, the 2019 KTM 250XC with a two-stroke engine, a machined exhaust port, and a fuel capacity of up to 2.65 gallons, costs around $9399.

A used dirt bike of the same brand and with the same features goes for $7000.

The 2013 KTM 450 SX-F will cost you at least $9000 to acquire the dirt bike.

The bike comes with a water-cooled, four-stroke engine with an electric start, a fuel injection system, and a Damped Diaphragm Steel clutch.

The same model and make with the exact features go for $4500 when used.


In a nutshell, the pries of dirt bikes depend on various factors such as the brand, make, model, and features.

When choosing a dirt bike, it is essential to consider whether it is worth the price cost in terms of battery and power, torque, speed, and running duration.

Other factors, such as convenience in terms of recharge time is are also important.

During the purchase of a used dirt bike, it is crucial to look out for wear and tear. This is the most vital determinant of the bike’s value.

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