How to Install Dirt Bike Handguards (Step-by-Step Guide)

Handguards provide a grip on the handlebar. There are motocross hand guards and heavy-duty hand guards.

The motocross handguards’ design is a tough terrain. The terrain protects riders from strong wind, roost and debris. Airflow is also well taken care of with the ventilation.

The mounts and clasps are specially designed from aluminium and plastic. The materials provide flexibility and strength.

Heavy-duty handguards are designed differently as they cover the handlebar leaving no space.

The mounting is done from the inside to the end of the handlebar. Important to note that the throttle tube and grips ends are cut off.

This will give you a different feel. Be sure you are comfortable with this type of hand guard.

The full-hand guards are considered to be more protective. The handguard protects the levers completely.

They are quite a great number of handguards for both off-roading and enduro.

The installation of dirt bikes is easy if you follow the steps accordingly.

Ensure you have the following parts before starting; threaded inserts, top clamp, w, washers, swivel bosses, plastic shields, and handguards.

The guard provides a bridge between the gap created by the two mount points.

The material used is usually resistant to impact.

The material is normally plastic or aluminium because of their toughness and having plastic deflectors that have been attached.

Wrap-around guards are considered stronger than the normal MX-style making.

This gives wraparound guards an advantage in events such as trail, enduro riding, and technology that involves harsh conditions with spi bust.

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To ensure the process flows smoothly have the right tools in place.

  1. Start by removing the grips on your bar if any. Trim both ends of the handguards and the throttle tube. When fitting the handguards there should I contact the handlebars?
  2. At the handlebar end tap for threaded insert. At the square end of the tap use the 11mm 12-point socket with WD-40. At the end of the threads run the tap.
    Ensure while doing this the centre lines and the bars are aligned properly. Break the chip by turning a revolution clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  3. Find a suitable glue to bind the inserts. You can now fit the threaded inserts in the bars.
  4. Replace the old top clamp with the new clamp. Remember to attach swivel bosses. Bolt the top clamp to the lower handlebar clamps.
  5. Bosses to attach the top clamp using washers and BHCS. Ensure you tighten completely.
    Using the washers and BHCS attach the handguard swivel ends to the swivel bosses.
    At the handguards, bar ends attach using FHCS. Sometimes a gap will be left due to the difference in bars and bends. Adjust by tightening completely.
  6. Take the shields and attach them using the BHCD and washer. Ensure you tighten all the bolts completely.

The Process to Install Full Wrap Handguards

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Full-wrap handguards are regarded as the best for off-road activities. The process of installing the full wrap handguards is simple and fast.

Trim the grip end first.

A hack saw will help you trim the throttle tube end. You can then slide the throttle tube.

Move the throttle tube slightly in order to insert a full wrap guard.

This helps prevent cutting off the throttle tube against the grip. The first thing is to slide the wedges into the handlebar. Run the cables and wires through the handlebar dip.

The cable will not cut so it’s safe. Remember to add some grease To the thread to reduce rusting.

At this point, you should be able to see the cable run uninterrupted. You can include the deflectors so as to protect your hands.

Benefits of using the Wrap-Around Handguard

  1. They have a high durability rate. Apart from offering protection, they will last for a long time.
  2. During the mounting process, you will realize how secure the mounting points are set.
  3. Since dirt bikes involve very harsh conditions the wrap-around handguard is made to withstand even the harshest conditions. They can survive bad crashes with no major damage.
  4. Offers maximum protection to your hands at all times. Since they cover the whole hand it’s quite hard to get injured. The levers are also safe from damage.

Drawbacks of Wrap-Around Handguards

  1. The mounting process is not as easy as other handguards. You will require step by step procedure and at most times you might miss a few points. However, as you do it more it becomes much easy.
  2. The wrap-around handguards are actually much heavier as compared to other handguards. This is a result of the material used in place.
  3. It requires tough procedures such as cutting grips ends for a successful mounting process. The throttle tube may also require cutting.
  4. It is much more expensive as compared to other models of the wrap-around type of handguard.
  5. Riders’ space and control on the bars are limited.

Choosing Your Handguards

Always ensure you choose handguards that you find comfortable while riding.

Although most handguards offer the protection they are at times limiting. Some handguards will not give riders enough space to fully take control of the bike.

Also, consider the material used when choosing handguards. The durability rate will be determined by the material in use.

Consider the protection of your hands. You are not just buying any handguards but you want to have them as protective gear.

The handguards should be able to offer complete protection against harsh conditions such as roost terrain, rocks, limbs tree branched and cold weather. The handguards are protective gear.

Handguards are designed for different purposes however there are those strictly designed for trail riding.

Based on your handguard choice you will down-protect your knuckles.

Actually, a quality handguard protects your clutch lever and breaks from snapping while riding.

Also, consider the type of riding you plan on undertaking. The size of the handlebar should also guide you in choosing handguards.

Check reviews on the models for best-pick purposes.

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